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How to Declutter and Simplify Kids’ Clothes – The Ultimate Guide

Here's your ultimate guide to declutter kids' clothes and keep the clutter from coming back! A whole new way of thinking about kids' wardrobes.
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Minimalism – A 6 Year Old’s Take

Minimalism - Here's what my 6 year old wants you to know. Her thoughts on minimalism, decluttering, passing clutter on to loved ones, and living in the present.
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How to declutter your closet (even if you're a fashionista). Come on, you know you need this in your life.

How to Declutter Your Closet (Even if You're a Fashionista)

This is a guest post from regular contributor Lisa Favre, who blogs at Marble Crumbs. We
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Need a quick, easily-customizable paleo dinner? This beef and cabbage paleo bowl recipe is the perfect thing to make for a quick weeknight dinner everyone in the family will love.

Paleo Beef and Cabbage Bowl Recipe – Easy Weeknight Dinner

This paleo beef and cabbage bowl recipe is perfect for an easy weeknight dinner. It doesn't take long to make, and you can customize bowls for everyone!
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Jalapeño Corn Bacon Salsa Recipe – Party Appetizer

Need a great party salsa besides the typical tomato type? This corn jalapeno bacon salsa/dip is just the thing! Just a few minutes and a few ingredients, and you're on your way to Yum-Town.
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This easy chicken teriyaki bowl recipe is great for a quick weeknight dinner.

Easy Chicken Teriyaki Bowl Recipe

Make this super-simple chicken teriyaki bowl recipe! It's so quick, and doesn't have a million ingredients. Perfect for those nights when you need something delicious, like 10 minutes ago.
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These grain-free dairy-free chocolate almond berry pancake bites are amazing. Little paleo muffins of delight! Make this recipe for breakfast or brunch and you won't be disappointed.

Cocoa Berry Almond Pancake Muffin Bites Recipe

These delicious little pancake-muffin bites are so fluffy and airy, everyone will love them at your next brunch. Cocoa berry almond muffins - paleo, too.
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