This October, Henry and I had the chance to attend the 2016 ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas, NV.

It’s a four-day event, over a million square feet of floor space, and over 1,000 companies.

This October, Henry and I attended the 2016 ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegs, NV. Here are all of the awesome baby gear, toys, and brands we saw!
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Unfortunately, I could only attend for two days, but I still got to see and learn SO much! I visited companies I know and love, and ones I had never heard of before. I saw awesome new products coming out in 2017, and even got to take a few things home for the kids to try.

Next year? I’m totally staying for all 4 days, and maybe taking my family with me.

Oh, and I also got to meet my friend Shari Stamps of Savvy Every Day. She’s just as awesome in person as I expected.


While I was at the expo, I snap chatted a bunch of awesome stuff, and I saved my stories so that you could see them too! I also took a bunch of pictures. You’ll definitely want to watch the video AND look at the rest of the post, because although a couple of things overlap, they’re mainly different.

Ready? The video is kind of long because it’s 2 days’ worth of snapping (and again, it was a HUGE event), but if you’re interested in what is new and awesome in kids’ and baby stuff? You’ll be as excited as I was.

Brands and Products in the 2016 ABC Kids Expo Video

Day 1:


Bumkins – rain jackets, snack bags


Boppy – skin care, zip up footie pajama


Baby Banana – banana teethers, teething shark, corn teether


Bare – air-free baby bottle


KidsMe – suction cup for dishes or toys

Neat Cheeks – sweet-tasting face cleaning wipes

Arc – InstaTemp accurate non-touch thermometer

Water wipes – baby wipes with only water and grapefruit seed extract

Doona – car seat that transforms into a baby transport

Halo – bassinest sleeper


Miracle Blanket – swaddle blanket

Diono – stroller that goes from pram to stroller without any extra pieces to buy separately

Day 2:


Sago Mini – apps and toys, Jinja’s house

Haba Toys – Little Friends (They also told me they’re going to be adding more skin tones and hair colors/textures very soon.)

Melissa & Doug – mess-free sand and mess-free glitter

Skip Hop – explore and more


Plan Toys – adorable doll houses, new furniture sets, camping play set, dinosaur play set, delivery bike ride-on


Aden + Anaisclothing, metallic muslin blankets, dream blankets with large prints


DockATotDockATot, CloudTot smart baby monitor

Green Toys – rescue boat bath toy, children’s books (Joey is LOVING Mixed-Up Trucks)

OXO Tot – strollers that have straps which tighten and loosen like car seats

SugarBoogernew mermaid pattern, kids’ aprons with magnetic clasps

Sakura Bloom – new hand-dip-dyed ring slings


BabySoy – new zipper footie pajamas, llama print clothing, star leggings, black shirts, organic cotton plush animals, star footie pajamas

Baby K’Tan – baby carriers, new swaddle blankets, updated diaper bags with a wet pocket for dirty diapers or wet clothing

Fisher Price – on the go baby dome, rock ‘n’ play sleeper with a projector

Cybex – Mios stroller, fashion baby carrier

Onya – new mesh carrier with waterproof zipper panel


Tula all-over print baby carriers, doll carriers

Kazingo – self-feeding baby spoon

Spectra – S2 breast pump, S9 breast pump, sparkly breast pumps

Bravado – dream nursing tank, bodysilk seamless nursing cami

ABC Kids Expo 2016 Exhibitors:


The kids and I already use xylitol toothpaste, but this is one we haven’t tried yet. Jack n’ Jill natural toothpaste is made with xylitol, has no fluoride, and comes in a bazillion different AMAZING flavors. (I got to smell them all and I just wanted to eat them!)  When we run out of the current toothpaste I have for the kids? I’m DEFINITELY getting them some Jack n’ Jill!


I stopped by the Piggy Paint booth because my kids love their non-toxic nail polish. But I had no idea they also have adult nail polish, Sophi, AND they’ve just come out with Rock the Locks hair products! I definitely need to try out their adult nail polish for ME, and some of the curly hair products for Anneliese! I absolutely love products I can feel good about using on me and the kids.


This Bib It All from KiddoLogic is such a great idea. Instead of a bib that flaps around and ends up being useless (I haven’t found one that works well for Tiny Henry), it’s a popover terrycloth thing – kind of like the front of a shirt, with the sleeves, but without the back. And the front has a waterproof layer inside. Great for messy eating, cooking, or art projects!


I visited Lansinoh because I used to have and love one of their (now discontinued) breast pumps, and their customer service was always top notch. I had no idea about the cool things they’ve been up to since I had my Lansinoh pump! They’ve come up with this super cool smart breast pump, which connects to an app on your phone so that you can track pumping time, output, set reminders, and more. Way to embrace modern tech, Lansinoh!


So, I don’t know where I can get this product, but I want it. Badly. Grosmimi is a Korean company that makes kids’ feeding products. But this cup? We need it in our lives. I have stainless steel vacuum-insulated cups, but they’re not non-spill (fine for the big kids, but not for Henry). And I have cups with no-spill valves in the straws, but they’re not insulated (fine for taking water out and about, but milk can’t stay out too long because it’ll warm up). This cup combines those two!

It’s a vacuum-insulated cup WITH a non-spill valve in the straw. And a snap-on lid in case you need to throw it in your diaper bag or purse. I need this. Someone please tell me where I can get them!


I knew KidCo because of their baby gates, which was apparently one of their first big products. Since then, they’ve expanded into every baby safety item you can imagine. Outlet covers, furniture anchors, cabinet locks, and so on. They sent me home with a pair of WhispEars for Henry, which I’m so excited about. The bigger kids had hearing protection already, but theirs were too big and tight for Henry to wear comfortably. WhispEars works, while being gentler (and obviously smaller) for little baby hesads. And that’s something we need, since my husband flies jets and we end up in loud places related to that sometimes.

But they’re so much more than just a child safety company! They have tons of lightweight, safe, easy to use baby gear. I especially loved the TravelPod, the lightweight play pen / portable bed. It stores in a convenient bag with a handle, and is easy to pick up with one hand. And while it’s assembled, it fits through doorways! (The playpen I’m using currently does not, and it’s very frustrating when I need to move it.)


I knew PlanetWise because I’ve used their wet/dry bags and diaper pail liners for years and years. How did I not know that they also make super-cute diapers and snack bags? I have no idea! But they’re darling, and their prints are irresistible. I mean look at this fox fabric! Plus? Now they have a smaller wet/dry bag size, which is great for running a quick errand or visiting a friend’s house for a play date.


Yay! Another company that understands the importance of hearing protection for kids! They have the typical headband/headphone style of hearing protection, but also a really cool one just for babies – ems for bubs – which has a stretchy soft knit band which velcros in the back. What a fantastic idea!


I think I heard about NuSpin for the first time on Instagram. They make cups and Zoomi straws for kids, with a picture inside that spins as children drink. It’s such a simple thing, but when I showed my kids the straws, they flipped out. They have been drinking SO much more water at mealtimes with their NuSpin straws! I am really looking forward to having them next summer too, when my kids really need to drink more since it gets so scorching hot and dry here in the desert! My kids need to stay hydrated.


Num num makes training spoons for babies, and a cool no-spill bowl that helps guide the spoon to the deepest part in the middle. That way, even if there’s only a little bit of food, babies can still get it and self-feed. I think their concept is brilliant, and I’d really love to try these out with Henry!


Super Undies! The most adorable tiny training underwear you ever did see. If I didn’t still have a billion pairs from when Joey potty-learned, I’d be in line to get some of these for Henry when he’s ready.


And check out this new print of theirs… little watercolor-looking dragons. How sweet is that?


So, we have these 360 degree baby cups from another company, and they’re pretty great. BUT I can’t throw the cup in my purse or diaper bag to take it out of the house. WOW Gear just solved that problem. Theirs have lids that snap on for when you need to transport the cup (or for when you just want to keep the kiddos’ drinks fresh in the fridge). Solving tiny problems in a popular product? That’s how you set yourself above the rest!


Halo’s Snoozy Pad is such a cool thing I want one for my own bed. It does a lot of standard things like play music or white noise, but it also vibrates your baby’s mattress just enough to soothe your baby (as long as baby isn’t actually hungry or in need of a change). And? You can activate it remotely with your phone.

So you don’t have to go into the room to push a button. This isn’t lazy or heartless – if you have a baby, you KNOW the second they see you, they want you. But sometimes if you stay out of the picture, they can calm down and go back to sleep. We’ve all done the ninja crawl to avoid being spotted, haven’t we?

(I don’t advocate cry-it-out, and if your baby needs you, by all means, you should go to him or her. But I’ve successfully remotely-soothed my kids before, and I’m a big fan of tools that help with this!)


Hape makes really beautiful, high-quality wooden toys for children, and we’ve had several of their things over the years. Going to their booth was like entering a colorful wonderland of fun. If I’d had my big kids with me, I’m sure we would’ve had a hard time leaving!


I wanted to be sure to show you their new play kitchen! They have a bigger version which is awesome if you have a bunch of room, and a smaller version great for traveling or apartments, but if you’re like Goldilocks, you’ll want this perfectly middle-sized kitchen for your kids. It has enough detail and features for children to have a ton of fun with it, but it also won’t take over your entire house. Add this to Santa’s list now!


I gasped when I saw this baby rocker from Charlie Crane. So many companies make colorful cartoon-animal-covered gear for kids. It’s rare to see something with such gorgeous design made for the tiniest member of your family. The thought that’s put into this design is clear, and the LEVO baby rocker would be welcome and beautiful in any home.


Another company that is NAILING IT design wise? HomePop. They make real furniture for real homes, and scaled-down versions for kids. This is a far cry from the foam-filled cartoon-character chairs you’ll find in the big box stores. It’s real, well-made, gorgeous furniture. Because kids can have good taste too.


One more furniture company blew me away. Oeuf, with its modern lines and clean aesthetic, made me fall in love instantly. Basically? I want to re-do my kids’ bedroom entirely in Oeuf. Beautiful cribs and dressers, shelves and a desk… and also?


This bunk bed made me okay with the idea of having a bunk bed at all. I mostly hate them, but this is so beautiful I’d make an exception. The bottom actually does fit into the brown legs (just remove the short white legs) to make a traditional bunk bed. But it can separate like this to make a loft and a regular twin bed. And the overall height of the loft doesn’t seem too high. There is nothing clunky about this bunk from Ouef!


Boba! My husband and I are long-time fans of Boba. Their soft structured carrier has always been our favorite in its class, and we still own two of them. They’ve only improved them over the years, and the Boba 4G is perfect from birth through toddlerhood (and beyond). In fact, my husband can barely sneak outside to mow the lawn by himself. If Joey (4 years old) sees him, he HAS to put him in the Boba on his back so they can mow “together.”

It was wonderful getting to meet Bethany in person (we should’ve taken a selfie together!) and seeing the latest print for the 4G.


I know it’s not, but it reminds me of molecules or something. And I thought about how cool it would be for a baby carrier to have Oxytocin molecules all over it. Wouldn’t that be perfection? Boba, are you taking notes? (Or has someone already made an Oxytocin carrier?? Let me know, if so.)


I was so enamored by this adorable Wee Gallery booth, with all of the black and white contrasty prints. I knew about Wee Gallery already, from their baby art cards, but I had no idea they had grown so much! At the expo, Wee Gallery displayed growth charts, a sunshine play mat, muslin swaddling blankets, little toys…


…and the sweetest little black and white Matryoshka dolls. Love these!


I visited Skip Hop – one of my favorite brands for their bright, fun aesthetic. I LOVE their modern animal designs – they’re fun and “kid friendly” without being annoying even a little bit. Their new line of bath accessories and toys had me all heart-eyed. I still need to get those pouring buckets for my kiddos (on the right). So cute!


Skip Hop’s Tuo high chair caught my eye too. Such a gorgeous, sleek, modern design – and when you’re finished using it as a high chair (with or without the tray), you can convert it into a stylish child chair. I love the wooden legs and the easy to clean upholstery surface!


At Dock-a-Tot, I got to find out all about their new baby monitor system – if you didn’t watch the video, go back and watch it! Their baby monitor is AMAZING. It nudges your baby if he stops breathing (and alerts you of course), and even tells you when your baby has had a diaper leak! WHAT?!

But I also loved this “baby gym” attachment. I’ve never been one for giant bulky pieces of baby equipment, and in the past have even made my own minimalist baby gyms… I love how simple this one is, and how it just pops off of the Dock-a-Tot when baby isn’t using it. Perfect!


My family loves Green Toys so much. And I LOVED visiting their booth at the expo. This adorable farm set deservingly won the best new toy award for the year! All of the toys are made of recycled plastic, and stand up to HEAVY use. My kids use their Green Toys dump truck as a ride-on toy, even though it’s not meant for that, and it still looks brand new after a couple of years of play.


I had to stop by the Clek booth, because my family LOVES our Fllo seats. We used the Foonf seats before Fllo came out, and switched after we were rear-ended and needed to replace all of our seats. We love the easy-to-clean fabric as well as the high rear-facing limits. And how gorgeous is this aqua/turquoise color??


Ubbi has some of the most adorable baby accessories I’ve seen! Colorful, with a modern palette, and style-conscious design. Check out these diaper pails – no matter what your decor is, you’ll find one that fits and looks fantastic! No special pail bags are required, and there’s a child lock so your toddler can’t get diapers out (or put your phone in).


And if you’ve seen the disgusting viral pictures of bath toys cut open, full of mildew and mold, you’ll appreciate Ubbi’s squirt toys – all of them unscrew so you can clean them, air dry them, and mix-and-match them. The best part, of course, is NO mold! The second best part? Their adorable design.



I’ve already told you all about WavHello’s portable SoundBub speaker for kids. My kids ADORE their little bunny speaker. It was super fun to get to visit their booth and talk with the girls there!


Fisher Price’s Rock n Play sleeper is one of my favorite baby items. I didn’t have one with Anneliese, but with bigger kids running around, it was super helpful for me to have a safe place to put Joey or Henry as babies, when I was cooking or helping the other kids with something, or during naps (or WHATEVER). I’m always on the lookout for perfect baby/kid items that will blend seamlessly with the tasteful design of my home, and this Jonathan Adler rock n play (the left one) with its wooden “feet” blew me away. So chic!


I’m a huge fan of my baby jogger stroller already, and was super impressed with their new city tour model. This design is even more lightweight, perfect for travel, and folds kind of in thirds for the most compact design you can imagine for such a fully-featured stroller. It comes in several colors (of course the turquoise is my favorite), and has smooth handling and a roomy basket underneath.


My last visit was to Bravado. I have worn their Essential Nursing Tanks for 7 years now. I’ve tried other tanks and bras in the meantime, but always circle back to Bravado. I love the positive vibes their team puts out into the world – sharing stories of all kinds of nursing and pumping mothers in an optimistic light. Meeting them in person just confirmed their awesomeness.


Henry and I had an awesome time at the 2016 ABC Kids Expo, and we can’t wait to see what everyone has in store next year!

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