Have you ever locked the bathroom door with your kids on the other side, just so you could have a moment to pee in peace?

It doesn’t really work, does it? Babies tend to cry and sometimes knock sadly on the door … While toddlers have their own versions of persuasive objection.

Anneliese said all of these this morning while I took 90 seconds to use the toilet without small people climbing on me.

  1. Mom, I need to visit you.
  2. I lost you, Mom.
  3. It’s stuck… It’s locked. Help?
  4. I need to belong to you.
  5. …I miss you.


What does your toddler say while you’re using the bathroom in solitude?

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  1. I always tell my little guy to “wait for mama.” So, he sits on the other side of the bathroom door and says “wait for mama. Wait for mama.”
    It is very cute.

  2. “Mama I have to pee”
    “Mama is peeing?”

    Lots of reasons I am scared to take her into the public bathroom with me while I pee.

  3. My daughter claps her hands so that I will sing the “peepee in the potty” song.

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