One of the things my husband and I decided to do as Anneliese’s second birthday approached (it’s today!) was to change her room around a bit, adding a “big girl bed” for her, and a floor bed for Joey (so hopefully he can take some naps in there).

I had found this great twin storage bed plan on Ana White’s website a while ago and emailed it to my husband, asking, “Can you do this?”

He said yes. So when his dad visited about a month ago, they headed to Lowe’s to buy some lumber.


And they got to work in the garage.

The visit was short though, so after his dad left, Topher continued working on the bed.


Anneliese thought she could help out too.


Topher was so careful to make sure everything was “just so” for his little girl.


And he painted the whole thing white, to go with the other things in her room.

Anneliese was really excited about the bed initially, then exercised some caution as she practiced getting on and off of it for a while.


We ended up replacing this little stool with a 2-step stool that is a bit higher. Now she climbs into her bed, and, with encouragement, will slide off the side of the bed when she wants to get down.

Screenshots from my homemade iphone video baby monitor the first morning she had her big girl bed. She woke up on it, slid off, and turned on her light before playing for a while.


The strange thing is the first 2 mornings, she got down off of her bed and played in her room as she normally does upon waking… but since then, she prefers to stay on her bed until one of us comes to get her in the morning. She did this for the LONGEST time with her floor bed too… just preferring to stay perched on her bed, reading a book or playing with her stuffed animals. Eventually she decided that getting off of her floor bed was more fun, since she had access to more toys and books… hopefully soon she will decide that getting off of her (big girl) bed in the morning is a worthwhile venture again.

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  1. Oh, I love that bed too! Looks like he did a great job on it.

  2. Oh this is almost exactly what we’ll do for Clara! Adam is going to build a platform type bed too, but I think he will make it with drawers so it’s like a dresser/bed in one. He’ll be building a chest of drawers (I think it will be a dresser, just a smaller dresser) in his furniture making class this fall, so it should be easy enough to translate those drawer making skills to a platform bed 🙂

  3. Aw, happy birthday, Anneliese! I can’t believe she is 2 🙂 I love the bed, especially the storage! Looks like your husband did a great job!

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