I don’t know if it’s because I’m a more experienced babywearer now, or if it’s a difference in personality and temperament, but Joseph has taken to babywearing right off the bat. Anneliese (as a newborn) needed more soothing once she was situated in the carriers (any kind), and usually only liked to be worn in loud/stimulating places. In the house was only okay if I was busy with something like cooking, but otherwise she didn’t want to be worn at home.

Joseph is one of those babies who can be nearly-instantly calmed by being put into a carrier, it seems. Here he is, just after having a little crying jag…


I wrapped him in my (made by me) cotton gauze wrap and he fell asleep very quickly. I cooked dinner with him wrapped on my chest.


Such a comfy way to snuggle with a new baby, hands-free.


I had wondered if Anneliese would have any jealousy or “weirdness” about me wearing another baby, but the truth is, I think my pregnancy helped her become more comfortable with not being worn as much. As my belly grew, I could only wear her on my back or not at all (and even on my back, it wasn’t always comfortable because I had to take her down for me to pee so often). I started carrying her for shorter amounts of time, just in my arms, and letting her walk more, like when we would go to the post office. Most stores we go to have shopping carts she can ride in, and she found them to be quite fun.


My husband wears Anneliese some when we go out or for walks, and sometimes she rides in the stroller or shopping cart. I wear Joseph 100% of the time when we’re out and about. I miss wearing Anneliese too, so I might try out some tandem-babywearing (baby on front, toddler on back) or see if The Guy would want to swap babies for a bit sometime.

But she seems to be really comfortable with me wearing Joey. She’s even brought me slings before when she thinks I should carry him in one. And now that she’s really doing more “pretend-play,” she loves wearing her baby dolls now and then in her boba mini or wrapped in a scarf like a wrap.

I just have to say that I’m thankful every day that I’m aware of babywearing… some people never wear their babies at all, and I feel like they must have to work so much harder to get through a day with small children. I wear Joseph every single day, and before he was born (before I got too big) I wore Anneliese every day. I feel like part of the key to the bond we have (and the independence and courage Anneliese usually has in social or public situations), and also partly responsible for easing the transition between family-of-3 and family-of-4.

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  1. I absolutely LOVED wearing my second child; and he loved it too, right from the start. I didn’t know about baby-wearing with my first one, but I don’t think he would have taken to it like #2. I had a mayawrap and a custom made mei tei…loved them both.

    I’m glad to see wearing becoming so much more mainstream than it was even just almost 8 years ago!

  2. Awesome post. My goal is to do exactly what you are doing once we have our second kiddo (it will be a while!). Otherwise, I don’t think I will survive either. You have a beautiful, happy family.

  3. I think Anneliese has moved into a different relationship with you now that Joseph is born. She is imitating you and obviously loving it. She looks so sparkly! You both look really happy.

  4. I didn’t wear Sebastian as a newborn at all, which I really regret. I got so behind on work and blogging, and I feel like I could have pulled off more if I had thought to wear him rather than just trying to put him down (which never worked). Nowadays Sebastian is actually the opposite of A – He likes being worn around the house when nothing is really going on, but demands to be put down when we are out and about. I think he likes seeing our home at a new perspective (from my eye-level) but would rather tackle a new place and explore on his own. Anyway, next baby I will definitely make more attempt to wear from birth.

  5. I love the picture where you’re twirling your skirt. Such a wonderful shot of happiness with your babies.

  6. I miss carrying my LO in a carrier. She has just gotten too heavy for my back. She is now either walking or in the stroller.

  7. I don’t have kids yet but I can’t wait to wear my babies. I can’t even fathom not doing it, it seems so natural! Thanks for posting!

  8. Love the wrap, how did you make it? I made a sling for a friend and have used it with her little one but my shoulder starts aching where it rests. I like the way you have it over both shoulders. Tutorial video? 🙂 We don’t have small people yet but are hoping soon so your blog has been a great place for information.

  9. I LOVE baby wearing. I was so clueless when I had my first about the many options and just had a sling that was amazing. I knew about slings since my mom used them with all of us kids (I’m 3rd out of 7 so I remember all my four younger siblings being born) but now I have a Boba wrap and better sling options and am SO excited to wear this second baby much more. I hope he likes it! I haven’t worn my first since I got big pregnant and i feel sad about that now. I think it’ll be different with the next one.

    I love this post!

  10. How awesome that Joseph likes to snuggle in the wrap already! Clara was like A…I could only wear her if we were MOVING. Like on the treadmill at a fast pace, which would help with her evening fussiness when she was a baby (and it was winter and pitch black at 6pm). No “snuggly” wearing for her, it’s for going out only!

  11. I am hoping Capri takes to me wearing Payson just as well. I was sad when we bought a stroller for Capri though because I know I won’t be able to tandem wear all the time between the heat and carrying all their stuff around. But she does love wearing her dolls so I am hoping that helps in the transition.

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