We arrived in Roswell, NM super hungry and pretty late (read: DINNERTIME). I consulted my trusty UrbanSpoon app and found Big D’s Downtown Dive. Anneliese is always up for a burger, and homemade fries sounded good to me.  So we headed downtown to the Diner.

As soon as we walked in, I knew we had made the right choice. The restaurant smelled delicious, and the decor was super cute, thoughtfully decorated, and with pops of lime green without even one alien/UFO reference. The kind of place locals who are a bit tired of the Roswell claim to fame would love to hang out.

New Mexico license plates line the wall with the ordering window, and mis-matched drawer knobs are installed in the bar along the window – a great place to hang your purse so it doesn’t have to touch the floor. The tables have maps decoupaged to their tops, without any shabby feel though, since they are varnished to a shine that is quite obviously easy to keep clean. Because everything is CLEAN.

Seriously, I love a clean restaurant. Makes me feel good about what’s going on in the kitchen.

Besides the decor and cleanliness, the employees were all cheerful and welcoming, making little jokes and smiling as if they’re happy to be there. Because they’re happy to be there. The water you can help yourself to at the drink station has a different flavor each day. When we were there, it was lemon-strawberry. Made with lemons and strawberries, of course. Nothing like crystal lite or mio or other gross fake flavorings with sweetener.

We ordered – burger patties for the kids with lettuce, pickles, and tomato on the side, with an order of sweet potato fries to share. I got a delicious bun-free mushroom cheeseburger also with sweet potato fries, and my husband ordered a cheesesteak with apple slaw. I tasted the meat from his sandwich – super flavorful and a bit spicy, and his slaw was wonderful too.

 I highly recommend Big D’s Downtown Dive if you’re passing through Roswell, New Mexico, and if you live there, you probably know about them but… they also deliver. Which is awesome! They’re always posting specials on their facebook page too.
If you pop by, let them know  I sent you! And enjoy your yummy Diner food!

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