If you're looking for something fun to do with the family on a summer morning in Hanford, look no further than the charming Rancho Notso Grande (yup. It's Spanglish).

After we all received a tour of the berry farm and instructions for identifying ripe berries, Anneliese had a wonderful time looking for berries that were just perfect, plucking them from the vines, and popping them into her mouth. Or her little berry bucket. Or her little brother's mouth.
When I asked her, “What kind of berries are you picking?” She would reply, “Ripe ones!”
We all snacked on the berries as we picked, which the farm's owner encourages. He says, “Better you than the birds!”
And after an hour or so, we loaded our filthy and exhausted children into the car along with way too many berries (is there such a thing?) and took them to a delicious breakfast at The Vineyard in Lemoore.
See what I mean by “too many berries”? We froze a gallon (for baking or smoothies later) and kept some fresh. But the fresh ones were gone that night and we wished we had more.
And this is Anneliese's personal harvest. This mix of berries was in her little basket, and she was so proud to be able to eat it for her dessert that night.

Have you ever taken your family berry picking? Do you pick to just get berries for the week, or do you pick lots to “put by” for the cooler months?

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