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Sibling Pictures

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to try to get some pictures of Anneliese and Joey together, with my real camera. I have a

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Feelings About Pregnancy

I simultaneously feel “finished” having kids and want 10 more. A big factor there is pregnancy. I’m not a fan. Once it’s over and the

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Rebooting the Day

Sometimes you wake up and the day just seems to be all wrong… When you walk out and see this in your living room, because

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Slowing the Pace

I posted this photo on Instagram with the caption “Had to pull over to nurse. Listening to cows. Sitting in my LLL leader’s driveway.” An

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Remembering the Day

Yesterday, during lunch, Anneliese asked me for a straw because she saw me drinking water from my Starbucks cup w/straw. So I trimmed a big

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