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This is my babywearing “stash” as of the beginning of October, 2012. It took a lot of work to get it all in one place, and I even missed one carrier, my Boba Air, which is in my stroller as backup.

Why would someone “need” so many carriers? Let me explain.

Top row:

  • Boba 3G — This one is “set” on the bigger setting, for when Anneliese wants to ride on my back for a little while, like when I’m cooking.
  • Ergo — I keep this one around so that local people can try the Ergo vs. the Boba, when they’re deciding what to buy. I don’t really use it though.
  • Boba 3G — This one is “set” on the smaller baby setting, for wearing Joey, usually in situations where I’m going to be standing for a long time and want equal use of my arms (since ring slings limit mobility of one shoulder slightly).
  • Boba Wrap — I used this with Joey when he was a newborn. It’s great for snuggly carrying, but not super useful once the weather is really hot, or the baby is bigger.

Wraps –

  • Size 6 Kokadi blue/gold stars — My favorite back carry is double hammock, and a 6 is perfect for that, for me. Double hammock (and other back carriers in woven/non-stretchy wraps) is great for doing chores around the house, or in situations where I might need to bend over to pick things up, lift Anneliese, etc.
  • Size 5 Didymos black hemp pfau — I can double hammock in a 5 too, and this is nice when I want a neutral wrap, or want less “tail” leftover after I tie the knot.
  • Size 4 Kokadi diorite stars — I’m still learning what different carries I can use a 4 for, but this is good for ruck and reinforced ruck carries so far.
  • Copper Gauze wrap (made by me) — This one is long enough for double hammock, front wrap cross-carry, and other multi-pass carries, and the gauze fabric makes it really really cool even when it’s hot. I am getting used to wrapping with “real” wraps, but I’m really fast with the gauze, since it’s what I used with Anneliese when she was littler, and the fabric is really easy to tighten and adjust.

Ring Slings –

  • Wrap Conversion — Zara Sun (Yellow) — I use ring slings every day, and every time I run errands. I keep one or two in the car at all times, and Sun is my go-to sling, because I LOVE the gorgeous yellow color, and the pretty weave pattern. Ring slings are majorly adjustable, can be used for several carries, are the easiest carrier to nurse in (in my opinion), and are the fastest to put on and take off. If I’m running a lot of errands in a row, I can also leave the sling on while I drive, and just “pop” Joey in and out of his car seat when we’re arriving and leaving each errand.
  • Wrap Conversion — Girasol Coral Diamond Weave (Orange) — Kind of exactly like the Sun, but I’ve had this one longer so it’s softer by now.
  • Cotton/Cashmere Aqua (made by me) — This was SO snuggly when Joey was a newborn and I just wanted to cuddle him while cooking or around the house. It’s very lightweight, so not a “workhorse” sling for endless errands, but it’s very comfortable and soft.
  • Mesh Aqua by Babyette — This is a water sling, for wearing baby in or near pools, the ocean, and even showers. I wore Anneliese in this when she was little and we went to the pool, in the shower when I NEEDED to get clean and she didn’t want to “let me go,” and wore Joey in this when we were at the beach in South Carolina this year. He’s starting to get to the age when he’s noticing more when I leave the room, so I might end up showering with him sometimes soon. (Before, he would be happy to hang out in his cosleeper and play with some toys.)
  • Silk Black (made by me) — I’ve had this one forever, and it’s super soft, thin, breathable, but still strong. I usually keep this one in the car as backup just in case, and it’s thinner than the wrap conversions, so I can throw it into my purse or diaper bag if I need to.

See? This isn’t excessive at all!

Seriously though, when I started babywearing, I went through the whole process of trying to research the best carrier to buy, as if only ONE would make the cut. My earliest carriers aren’t even around anymore, as I found better (for me) ways of “wearing” my kiddos. Most babywearing mamas end up with at least a couple carriers, for different purposes…and the more extreme ones will have carriers or wraps to coordinate with every outfit. (I’m so NOT joking about that.) I think I fall somewhere in the middle. This is a fun hobby, and it’s nice to try out different things. The option of choosing a different carrier is nice to have too, just like picking a different necklace or scarf to wear.


This awesome picture is from Boba’s facebook page… how did he know I have 14??

So what’s in your stash?

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  1. Hey momma, nice stash! I have a passion for kokadi stars, I have 6! Lol, do you still have diorite , and would you ever sell?if so, please email me! Thanks! Happy baby wearing. 🙂

  2. Hi! Any chances of u selling the gold stars? I have been looking high and low for it lol!

  3. Hi! Any chance of u selling the Gold Stars? I have been looking high and low for it lol!

  4. I have four in my stash – a Moby, a Balboa Baby sling, a woven wrap that I made myself, and a Baby Bjorn. You’re right that there is no such thing as one perfect wrap. I want to add an Ergo to my stash, but I’m waiting until one finds me in a thrift store or garage sale or something!

  5. Great post! I’m surprised you don’t have a Mei tai. It’s been our favorite for the past few months.

    • I had one but I wasn’t really a fan. I think I might like a wrap conversion mei tai with wrap straps, but mine was just a simple commercial one.

  6. Yes. You have too many. You looking to get rid of some? I can send you my address, lol. 😉

    I have three carriers. A sling my mom gave me (which I had to tear apart and remake, because it was padded and I didn’t like that), a homemade woven wrap (which is just plain cotton, so it doesn’t do back carries well for some reason) and a homemade mei tai. I’m just yearning for a woven wrap, the real kind in a good fabric, but they’re all so expensive! I just can’t justify buying one when I’m surviving with the ones I’ve got.

  7. I don’t have nearly that many, but my hubby still thinks I’m crazy! I have a Moby, Free-hands Mei Tai, Ergo, Ring Sling…I think that’s it now. Oh and we have a framed Kelty carrier, but that’s mostly hubby’s to wear (it’s big!). I really want to try an “actual” wrap like a Girasol or Didymos, but honestly I find the ring sling and Ergo so convenient and easy to use that I don’t know if I’d use the big wraps enough to justify the price tag!

  8. Yes!!! Real Food Ryan Gosling is all about baby wearing! I love that 🙂 So funny 🙂

    I would love to have outfit coordination with baby wearing when we have kids. I’m such a “basic black” person (aka I don’t know how to do much beyond black, white, grey!) that I think my wraps will be my “splash of color.” You’ve got some great looking ones there!

  9. Well timed post 🙂 We’re having a baby wearing playgroup Fridat and I was sorting thru my stash so that I could bring a bunch for show & tell!

  10. We’ve had the moby wrap since JM was born and we are purchasing a boba 3G in the next week or two. Really interested in the wraps too – if we were to have only one, which would you suggest?

  11. I haven’t had my baby yet, but I have a Boba Carrier, Boba Wrap, a non-adjustable sling someone made to my measurements, and a homemade ring sling someone made for me! I got them all at my shower; I’m super excited about babywearing!

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