Mandy Allender

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Mandy Allender - contribute at Joyful AbodeHello! I’m Mandy.
I’m the brutally honest mother of four sweet children, navigating the calms and storms of parenting, marriage and life. I enjoy photography, story-telling, and yoga, all while learning as much as I can about gentle parenting, mindfulness and self-care.
I blog infrequently at

Baylie Carlson

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Baylie Carlson - contribute at Joyful Abode

Tiny House dweller and minimalist. Lover turned mother. Writer.
We cram our entire family, two adults, a toddler and a baby into 204 sqft Tiny House on wheels and love every moment. I write Tiny House Growing Family to show how though we live Tiny, our lives are very full.

I’m not organized, but have learned because we have to be! (If you leave a jar of peanut butter and knife out the whole house is a mess!) We have decluttered our lives which was no small task, my husband downsizing from 10,000 sqft. No joke!

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Heather Griffiths

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Heather Griffiths - contributor at Joyful Abode

I’m a Holistic Nurturer. I do my best to create a healthy environment for all to grow and thrive in using sustainable means. I garden and home-educate. I aim to consume less and grow more as a woman. I dabble in herbalism and minimalism. I write at Holistic Nurturhood.

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Elise von Wolzogen

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Elise von Wolzogen -contributor at Joyful Abode

I’m a Professional Nanny to a toddler and a baby and part-time college student trying to pass Algebra in sunny Southern California. I’m a CPST, baby gear junkie, and lover of travel. I’m just a gluten-free girl in a gluten filled world, blogging my misadventures at Naturally West Coast.

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Beth Hembree

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Beth Hembree - contributor at Joyful Abode

Beth writes from Louisiana, where she now spends her days as a homemaker after graduating from LSU with her Masters in teaching. She married her high school sweetheart 5 years ago, and has since given birth to 4 beautiful children in as many years. As her family size increases, so does her passion for unlocking the secrets to the best homemaking tips and tricks out there, often discovering that less is more!

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Desiree Townsend

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Desiree Townsend - contributor at Joyful Abode

Well, hello there! I’m Desiree. At, I use my real life stories as a mom to inspire families with teenagers to build strong family ties. Despite being a self-proclaimed paper hoarder, I enjoy exploring ways to maintain order in my home. People see me as the girl next door, the friend. I believe in: being kind, working hard, developing
solid values, staying down-to-earth, being accessible. I also believe in a well-used Household Notebook. My voice is friendly, humble, honest and (mostly) practical. I strive to create real connections and friendships with my audience by sharing “normal” parts of our life with you, and I’m sincerely interested in hearing from you! You can find me at Facebook or Instagram.

Lisa Favre

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Lisa Favre - Contributor at Joyful Abode

Lisa Favre is the food blogger behind Marble Crumbs – a food blog catered to telling stories about meals, snacks, drinks, and everything in between. Lover of brownies, french fries, and all things delicious, Lisa believes that sharing bites from her plate is just as important as sharing the tale that goes behind them.

Often, you can spot Lisa scouring the world of Instagram, finding daily inspo and getting lost in a world of “What are you having for lunch?” and “Maybe if I double tap this outfit, it’ll magically appear next to me.” Otherwise, she’ll be snuggling on her couch, flipping through her mother’s old recipes or studying one of her newly purchased cookbooks (just tell her husband it was on sale) in order to discover her next great meal.

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