The houses here on base NAS Lemoore have so much storage space. I love it! I decided to turn the empty half of the laundry room into a craft area a while back, instead of just using it to store rubbermaid bins of holiday decorations or something. I planned out the shelving and desk, and my husband and I picked up all the goodies to make it a reality.

All of my fabric is organized on comic book boards by type and then by color.

The boxes are from IKEA, and I love how they give the area a uniform look…


…and since I’m a “dabbler” (I like to do a little bit of a lot of different crafts), I love the narrow boxes to organize different materials, or projects I’m in the middle of.


How do you organize your craft area?

And more importantly, when do you find the time to craft? That’s the one I need to work on more…

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  1. I got stuck in your blog after looking at your GF recipes, which I cannot wait to try. I love your laundry/craft room. (also your guest room redo). I never heard of comic book boards, what a wonderful product use. I will be trying that. I use those plastic rolling bins for my art supply stash. I love the ones with the small drawers. Those Ikea boxes are beautiful and I have a few, too. But being visual, I like to see what is inside. It is not as pretty, though. I tend to hide them behind curtains.

  2. Hi
    I really like your organized craft area. I am a crafter and also dabble in various things such as quilting, toy making, scrapbooking and anything else I can think off.
    I started crafting once my children were all at school. I don’t have a designated craft area, but share the dining room with my crafty goodness.

  3. I love your craft room, I wish I had your organization skills! I’m a fellow crunchy-ish military mom, though I’m the service member (Army CPT), and I’ve been following your blog for over a year. This is the first time I’ve commented but your post got me thinking… I’ll be PCSing early next year (not sure where to yet) and I have never lived on-post. The financial incentive of living off post always outweighed the benefits of living on post. Plus, housing off post is generally a LOT nicer where I’ve lived. Is this something you and your husband have considered? I’m considering moving on post at my next duty station even though I’ll have to downgrade from a 3 br house with garage to a 2 br house with car port. I’m just trying to decide if living that much closer to work will make life easier since I’ll be able to run home and BF my daughter rather than pump and I’ll be able to stay in bed just a little longer in the morning. 🙂 Sorry for the LONG post! But I would love to hear your insight. thanks!

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