So the ONLY reason we decided to stay at Riverside Resort & Casino (Hotel? Resort? How about just Casino…) was because we wanted to see the classic car collection (“museum”). We endured long treks through the smoky casino floor to the elevator to our room, only because we wanted to see those nifty old cars.

So in the morning, we packed up our things, the Guy loaded up the car, and we went to find the cars. Insert Sad Panda.

The “museum” didn't open until 10am. So we decided to get breakfast first. No dice (ha! gambling pun!). We waited in line for a long time before we were seated, then waited another eternity before a waitress even asked us for our order. By then you'd think it would be a simple matter of ordering and waiting for our omelets, but since we had spent so long in the smoke-smelling non-smoking restaurant, we were ready to escape. So we did. We apologized to the waitress and got out of there.

(The drawing in the center is one of Anneliese's family portraits. I'm on the left, she's in the middle, and Joseph is on the right. I guess her dad was loading up the car or whatever.)

There wasn't much in the way of promising-sounding breakfast places (IHOP is abysmal for paleo/primal families. Even the omelets have pancake batter mixed in!) so we planned to go to Target to pick up some picnic food, and exchange some snack pouches (you know the ones I mean – basically fruit and veggie purees in a pouch) the kids hated the flavors of for more fruity ones, and the coconut milk kind. We also wanted some walkie talkies to make communication easier while driving our separate cars.

Well, the walkie talkies we got were defective, so I had to go in a second time to exchange them for a pair that worked. Success! We went to a local park in Bullhead, Arizona and had a lovely picnic. The kids played and expended some energy before we hopped in the car to start our day's journey at about 11:30, way later than we had planned.

Our first stop doesn't really deserve its own blog post, but I thought it was cool. I billed it as “The sign with a lot of threes” to Anneliese. It's simply a 3333.33 feet above sea level marker at a visitor's center in Kingman, Arizona.

Then, we hopped back into the car, of course!



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  1. Btw. They have a Fit and Trim omelet at IHOP which is eggbeaters..egg whites…or you can ask they make you yummy scrambled eggs and a side of fruit. If you have the willpower to resist the toast and pancakes and grits and hashbrown so,.there’s actually a lot of grain free options.

    • just egg whites don’t appeal to me either…. are the scrambled eggs real? If so that’s good to know. We got fruit when we were there for A’s birthday in Auburn, and it was terrible and kind of old-seeming. I guess that part depends on location.

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