Yes, I’m still pregnant, still in Prodromal Labor… consistent contractions all day and night, but that’s just the “problem.” They’re not getting more intense, so… I’m left in limbo.

And what do people in limbo do?

Bake cookies!

(And make tomato basil sauce out of the TONS of tomatoes from our garden, but I didn’t take pictures of that.)

The Clever Mommy used my grain-free muffin/cupcake things as a jumping-off point for making yummy cookies. I, in turn, used her recipe as a jumping-off point for these cookies. I don’t have any almond butter in the house right now, so they’re made with peanut butter (the kind that’s just peanuts ground-up, no other ingredients). But I’m sure they’d work either way. These cookies are also sugar-free other than what’s in the chocolate chips (but you have complete control over how much chocolate or what % you use).

Grain-Free Gluten-Free Sugar-Free Cookies of Awesome

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit

In a mixing bowl, combine:

  • 1/2 cup nut butter
  • 2 eggs
  • 3 Tbsp butter
  • 4 packets of Truvia
  • 4 heaping teaspoons unsweetened dried shredded coconut
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • dark chocolate chips, as many as you feel like

Drop heaping teaspoonsful of dough onto a parchment-lined cookie sheet (I got 18 cookies out of this recipe) and bake 10-12 minutes. Cool and enjoy!


These cookies are really really tasty and feel like a treat, but as you can see they’re made with wholesome ingredients you can feel good about eating (or feeding to your kids). No nutritionally-void flour or insulin-spiking sugar in these babies. Have at it!

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  1. Im so excited to try this coconut,coconut oil etc I need to eat healthier .I have a nephew who is a basketball player and he has a protein powder /milk shake which Im not sure about ,wouldnt most of these cookies provide as much protein ,Im not into figuring out recipes and figuring out what is a good source of energy,protein and good for you .I dont know why I just found this site when I see your contest was back in sept. I love all you younger girls who do all this trial and error for us older (lol) ladies,my grandkids need more good food and less junk and sugar . do you ever use agave for sugar sweetness??

  2. Yum! I didn’t have lemons so i added a little organic vanilla instead. Also added a couple dashes of cinnamon. I might try this recipe with a little cocoa powder added next time. Thanks for sharing!

  3. OOH! but now they are rising BEAUtifully. can’t wait to taste them… hm… not bad! 🙂

  4. I think the spreading was due to using almond butter that was too oily/not mixed well. It’s happening to me, but if I’d read the comments BEFORE tossing them in the oven, I might’ve done something different… add some coconut flour?

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  6. These turned out really well and are perfect for a sweet fix.

    The changes I made are:

    2 TBS butter instead of 4 TBS
    1 TBS flax meal
    1 TBS chia seeds (soak up additional moisture)
    1 TBS honey

    Be sure to mix your almond butter really, really well otherwise you’ll have an excess of oil which will lead to the cookies spreading out and going flat.

  7. I am wondering how dense these cookies are. They look really dense in the picture, but my batch didn’t turn out super dense, so I’m thinking maybe I didn’t measure properly.

    Thanks for this site, BTW. Loving it! Oh, and your chocolate almond flour cookies are a-frickin-mazing!

  8. I followed your recipe..but I had to put in sweetened i didn’t put in any sugar. But.. umm.. The cookie center turned green!! I have no idea what happened. Help!!

    • I used sunbutter in cookies as well and they were green inside. Here is what I found when I research it on the internet. I hope it helps.
      NOTE: After baking, although an appealing brown on the outside, these cookies often turn out to be green inside! A bit of research reveals that this is probably due to naturally occurring chlorogenic acid that is found in plant leaves and stems and also in the sunflower seeds. Chlorogenic acid is an antioxidant and is one of the reasons that sunflower seeds are good for you (sunflower seeds are also a great source of vegetable protein, potassium, vitamin E, and other vitamins and minerals). When chlorogenic acid meets alkaline baking conditions (i.e., if you add baking soda), it turns a dark green. This completely harmless effect happens after the cookies completely cool down (and increases with additional hours.) Green cookies!

      • Wow, this just solved a mystery for us! I made sunbutter cookies a few days ago using a similar recipe. Last night, my family panicked, as we realized we were all chowing down on cookies that tasted awesome but were bright green in the middle. I’m pregnant, so I was terrified I’d eaten something horrid. Thanks for the info!

  9. So, I followed your recipe..but had to use sweetened I just didn’t put any sugar. But … umm.. They turned green in the middle!! I have no idea what happened? Help!

    • I used: Sun butter, sweetened coconut, baking soda, fresh lemon juice, 2 eggs, and a few chocolate chips. Didn’t have any vanilla.

      • I have heard that the green thing is REALLY common with sun-butter baking. And that it doesn’t affect taste or “Good” ness… did you eat them?

        • Yes, we ate them the first day…then they got really really green….like rain forest green. So, we passed. haha! I picked up some almond butter so I will try it again! 🙂 Thank you so much for your recipes!! You are amazing!

  10. Um… so I just made these and mine look nothing like yours. Mine are thin and they spread out.

    The only changes I made was I used 1 tbsp of erythritol, 1/16th tsp stevia powder, 1 tsp vanilla extract.

    I think I’ll use more nut butter next time… 😛

  11. Hi! These looked great and are in my oven but the dough is really runny and I think the cookies are going flat!! I used honey, but everything else the same. Wondering what went wrong?!

    • maybe the honey is what went wrong… you’re adding more liquid (honey). Try it as written and see if it’s better!

  12. These look perfect for my family who is recently grain-free and requesting sweets (other than dried fruit!). Instead of Truvia, might I include honey as a sweetener and if so, how much?

  13. Do you think I could use more butter or would that mess up the recipe?

  14. Hi, wondering what TRUVIA is? I live in NZ and have not heard of it!

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  16. I made these yesterday using Sunflower seed butter. They were yummy. I only used a dash of xylitol. They weren’t sweet but had really good flavors. The side effect was that they slowly turned green. Apparently sunbutter and baking soda cause this chemical reaction. The remaining cookies are now completely dark green. Very funny and very good cookies!

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  18. We’ve made these a few times. I use natural almond butter without problems (and have combined almond and sunflower seed butters).

    They spread more when I use coconut oil instead of butter (as expected, just thought I’d mention it).

    We love them with dark chocolate chips, but today I made them with cinnamon and raisins…yum.

    Also, I typically combine whatever natural, low sugar sweeteners I have, but was making them today with rapadura (natural cane sugar) for my son’s class and I used 3 Tbs, FYI; granted I may have needed a bit more to counter the cinnamon.


  19. plan on trying these… maybe even tonight!

  20. Yeah, I’m so making these if I win the Tropical Traditions tub-o-coconut… and probably even if I don’t!

  21. You could definitely use sugar. Just start with a little, and taste the

    dough… when it's sweet enough for you, stop. haha.

  22. Yum. These might be worth making as I attempt to sway my wife over to eating a more paleo diet. Those seriously look so good.

  23. My kids are all grown but my husband has blood sugar issues so I've been using liquid stevia and or xylitol in my limited baking. Xylitol is expensive but good for you and doesn't raise blood sugar and the liquid stevia is very potent, I use 3 drops in a cup of herbal tea. I've been making a recipe that uses cream cheese and whipped cream and fruit filling on a graham cracker crust for our family reunions and I use the xylitol and stevia and no one even knows until I tell them that there is no sugar in it. I plan to try these cookies but I will use a little xylitol and stevia and see how it goes.
    Thanks for your recipes.
    I had my last 3 children with a midwife and everything was great. You are doing the right thing.

  24. I just made them with 2 TBS of brown sugar, and it's just sweet enough! I don't do sugar subs either, so I just went with the brown sugar.

  25. Yum, these look so good….only I hate the taste of Truvia, Splenda, Aspartame, ect. Could I sub sugar, or brown sugar? How much sugar is in those lil packets?

    Its good youre keeping busy. Hope to hear more progress soon. *hugs*

  26. I'm not a big fan of alterna-flour baking, but I think I could definitely go for cookies made of nut butter, coconut, and chocolate!

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