I took way too many pictures here, but the Grand Canyon is just so gorgeous. I won't give you a history or a geographical explanation. That's what books and Google are for. But the canyon is beautiful. And the expanse of purely natural land, sculpted by nothing more than water, is awe inspiring.

Anneliese knew we were going to a place with big rocks, and thought the little stones lining the paths were Big! Rocks! and wanted to walk on them as if they were a balance beam. She didn't seem as impressed by the canyon. I guess when you're three years old, it's all in the details.

Layers and layers….

I couldn't help myself, with the camera. I love the contrast in the layers of rocks, the scraggly desert plants, and the open blue sky.

I had run into the Natural Grocery store across the street from the Drury Inn before we left, to grab some things for a picnic. So after a visit to the visitors center, then gazing at the canyon for a while, we went to a picnic area in the forest for some lunch.

When we stopped at another view point later to take some family pictures with the tripod, Anneliese had fallen fast asleep in her car seat. So it was just me and my guys.

Then back “home” to the hotel for one more night…

And in the morning, we continue our journey!



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  1. Beautiful! Pleasantly surprised to hear that the park was open for visitors.

    • It closed the next day. 🙁 These posts are a bit lagging behind since I scheduled them as I went.

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