gDiapers not only has Small, Medium, and Large gPants, but also newborn Tiny gPants which are intended for your babies when they’re at their smallest. A lot of people out there seem to be very curious about these tiny gPants, especially since they’re not sold in stores, and are only available in the new baby bundle at gDiapers.

So if you’re expecting a little one and considering gDiapers, but not sure whether you want to get the new baby bundle (and thus the tiny g’s) or whether to start out with smalls, hopefully this post will help you.

One nifty feature of the tiny gPants is the snaps sin the front, which allow you to fold down the front until your little one’s umbilical stump falls off.

Here’s a comparison of the tiny gPant (snapped), tiny gPant (unsnapped), and the Small gPant.


Tiny gPants are designed to fit from 6 to 10 pounds, while smalls fit from 8 pounds to 14 pounds. (Some variation in weight is expected though, because some babies are longer and thinner, while others are chunky and short… the size recommendations are just suggestions.)

Here’s a closer view of the tiny gPant snapped and unsnapped.

IMG_3601 IMG_3602

The tiny gPant has covered elastic tabs at the waist, which are soft and comfortable for the baby. The entire back is loop-side velcro, so you can secure the tabs as snugly as you need to in order to fit your baby. The tabs should also be secured high up on your baby, giving those chunky thighs enough room to curl up comfortably.

(This photo shows the back of a tiny gPant and a small gPant for comparison.)


Whereas other sizes of gPants have a pant and a snap-in liner, the tiny size just has one piece combining the two — essentially a fabric-covered liner with tabs.

(This photo shows the tiny gPant vs. the small, both opened up.)


As far as inserts go, you won’t need to invest in anything separate because the tinys and smalls use the same size gCloths or gRefills. The new baby bundle comes with a case of gRefills, which will more than get you through the first days of meconium poops. After that, you can continue to use them or switch to gCloth or another washable insert.

This photo compares a size small gCloth in the tiny gPant (snapped down), tiny gPant (unsnapped), and small gPant.


The new baby bundle comes with 12 of these tiny gPants, because  when the baby poos it will likely get on the liner part of the pant and you’ll need to wash it. If the baby just pees, you may re-use the pant without a problem. I’ve heard of people with twins who say 12 tiny gPants is enough, if they do laundry every day or every other day. Other people have said that they hand-wash their tinys, and since they air-dry so quickly, 12 seems like “overkill.” In any case, you probably won’t think you don’t have enough.

What do I personally think about the tinys?

I think they’re adorable, and such a great idea for small babies. I was excited to get them in the mail and get them ready for my little girl. But then? I had a not-so-little girl (8 pounds, 15 oz). And after only trying to use the tiny gPants a couple times, we switched to smalls. The rise of the tiny’s wasn’t high enough for our girl, even unsnapped. It was pretty hilarious when I picked her up to nurse her one time and discovered the diaper was halfway down her butt. Smalls fit perfectly though.

(This picture shows my girl, 4 days old, in her smalls. They look a bit bulky on her at that age/size but they didn’t leak — a sure sign that they were the “right” size.)


But even if you buy them and don’t end up using them because your baby isn’t so tiny, it’s still not a bad thing! You can re-sell them and recoup your money, because lots of moms who used gDiapers with their first babies might already have smalls, but want the tinys (so they don’t want to buy the whole bundle, which includes 6 smalls). Since they’re not sold on their own anywhere yet, it’s fairly easy to find a buyer. (I did — was sad to let them go, but it gave me a little more money to buy medium gDiapers with! haha)

Also, while the snapping-down feature for the umbilical cord is cute and makes people feel better, it’s not strictly necessary. We used the small gDiapers without a problem before Anneliese’s cord stump fell off. As long as you keep the stump outside of the liner (not difficult) it won’t get damp, which is really what you need to avoid. The waistband of small gPants isn’t too tight either, so it doesn’t rub/press against the stump even though it touches it.

I took a pretty laissez-faire approach to the umbilical stump in general though. We didn’t put alcohol on it or anything — just ignored it. I read a study that said alcohol doesn’t make the stump fall off faster. In fact, if you do nothing it usually falls off a few days sooner than if you baby it and put alcohol on it. So I did nothing and it was fine.

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  1. Hi! I bought the tiny gpants on eBay with N/S disposable inserts. I’m really confused because the inserts seem huge! I can’t figure out how to make it work. What am I missing?? Thanks!

    • Nah, they DO seem huge… but they shove in there and everything works out fine. haha. The gPant will make kind of a U shape when the insert is inside of it. I hope that helps!

      • Guess I’ll give it another go. Thanks!

  2. I’m new to cloth diapering and decided to try gDiapers. I found your blog by doing a Google search and the tips you provide here have helped me a lot so far! My daughter is seven weeks old and about 9 lbs; it’s hard to get the small gDiapers to fit her. It seems that I keep getting leaks in the leg holes even when I try to fit the seal in her leg fold and not tighten the waistband too much. Do you have any helpful tips for me? How long did it take you to figure out how to get a proper fit with gDiapers?

    • oh i’m glad they’ve helped some! At 9 pounds my daughter fit her small g’s great… around 12 pounds they started leaking and i switched to the S snap in and insert with the Med pant, which solved that problem. Depending on your daughter’s body shape that could be helpful, but 9 pounds seems early for that. Have you gotten anything resolved with more tweaking?

      • I think I’m doing a better job of getting the seal right. I don’t think I was focused enough on getting the seal wrapped around her legs; I only checked to see if the pouch was snug in the groin area. The medium gDiapers are in the mail because my daughter’s chunking up a bit! I’ll try your suggestion and use the small pouches with the medium pants if she creeps up on 12 lbs. Thanks for your helpful response!

  3. Thank you for your review 🙂 Our son will be here in about 5 weeks and my mom so graciously bought us the gDiaper bundle along with a couple extra Small size gDiapers. I also have 12 newborn Alvababy snap diapers. Everybody says the Alva newborn velcro are way better but I don’t want to order more diapers right now so I’m very happy to have the tiny gpants in my stash in case the Alva snaps don’t fit early on, and it’s promising to hear I should be fine with the 12 tiny gpants that came with the bundle!! Hopefully I can come back after he has arrived and give my update on how well they worked for us 🙂

  4. I’m due in November and was very excited about using gNappies with my first 🙂 Thank you so much for this post, I wasn’t sure how the tiny’s looked and didn’t know that they were basically just the waterproof liner and had to be washed regularly (I thought 12 was really excessive!) I will definitely be using the cloth inserts after the first few days, as the costs of the disposables will be heavy in the beginning.

  5. Great series, I’m ex pecking my first baby in November and really want to do coth.

  6. Thank you so much for this post! My husband and I are expecting baby number one any day now and he and I have been debating getting Tiny g’s. I’m asking my doc for an estimate on her size today so we can really think about it.

    Tinys are going pretty quickly on ebay, but does sell just the Tinys-I did a search for it and found them right away.

  7. Hey there,
    Would you reccomend the gcloth or the prefolds for a stash? THANKS!

  8. I’m planning on using these for my newborn in March, but I have a question: how would you wash them? Like the liners, or like the gpants?

  9. Thanks so much for the detailed information on tiny gpants! This is exactly what I needed and was not getting from their own website. I didn’t think that it made sense to use small inserts with the tiny gpants and was not clear on that. Thanks again!

  10. Thanks, so much that did help a lot- I will probably get the baby bundle to start then!!!

  11. I just had twins in August and we ordered the new baby bundle just for the tiny gpants. Gdiapers were one of the only companies I could find that offered small cloth diapers for tiny babies without being really expensive. We just kind of new our babies would be small because they were twins (one was 6lbs. 6oz. The other was 5lbs. 13oz.) so we were comfortable spending the money. We ordered one set and ened up ordering another right before they were born. So we have 24 and I wash them every other day. They have worked really well for us. We have only used the disposable inserts a handful of time. We use organic prefolds in preeme size (which are way less expensive) and sometimes the gcloths. If there is just pee in the diaper we wipe out the inside and set out to dry to use again. If poop is on the diaper we rinse it and throw it in our wet bag. We have had several pee throughs that have resulted in clothing changes but never any poop blow outs! Our little ones are now 10 weeks old and are starting to transition to the small size at now 9 1/2 and 10 pounds. They are long and skinny so we might get a little more use out of the tiny gpants even though they weigh more than recomended. I am so happy we found tiny gpants so that we did not have to use disposables for the first 10 weeks of their lives. One of my sons is super sensitve and blisters every time we put a Swadler diaper on him. It broke my heart. Everyone kept telling us we were crazy to cloth diaper twins and with gDiapers we are winning that battle. I just wanted to share a little insight if it helps anyone!

  12. First off just wanted to say how much I love your blog! I came over to read your post on how to set up your change table for gDiapers and now I’m hooked 🙂

    I just had a baby girl and have been using the tiny gpants. I have not used gDiapers before but bought them because my Son (now 18 mos) was too small to fit in the BumGenius cloth diapers until he was about 3 months. Apparently he was very long and lean 🙂 anyway I like the tiny g’s but I fear that my little girl will be out of them in the next week or so as she is gaining weight like a trooper and they seem tight on her already. I have some small gpants to go to next before she will be ready to use the bumGenius diapers

    I was wondering how many liners to you have for each gpant? I bought the new baby bundle so I have 6 gpants and 6 liners but I think I’ll need more liners? Also when you use the cloth pre-folds instead of the disposable liners do you put the pre-fold right against their skin? or is there some other liner you put on the top to be able to discard the solids? and last question is do you wash your liners and gPants together? do you think I can throw them in the same load as my bumGenius diapers or should I keep the separate?

    ok that was a lot of questions ha ha ha


    • I personally like having a lot of extra liners– probably double the number of gPants. I’ve found that the liners tend to get poopy (or just smell more of urine) faster than the gPants, so it’s nice to be able to just pop an extra one in and use another few times before having to wash the outer pant.

      Also, for easier poop disposal we’ve been using a flushable liner (Kushies), it basically looks like a thicker piece of toilet paper you lay on top of the cloth, and then when they poop you can just lift it up and flush the poop down the toilet. I have an older toddler, so this works well and keeps poop off the cloth diaper for the most part. I don’t think it’ll work as well for newborn poop, though….

  13. Oh thanks for this! I’ve been curious about the TinyG’s for our next baby. We have Liv’s smalls leftover and in great shape for the next one and I didn’t want to invest the money in a bundle if they were going to be too small.

    Liv was 8 lbs and big babies run in my family so maybe I’ll just skip them. If smalls are too big for the next one, I can temporarily use swaddlers if I need to.

    They are ridiculous cute, though.

    • They are VERY cute… and like I said, if you want to buy them just in case you have a small baby, it won’t be a waste because you can re-sell them easily (especially new).

      • I wish they would just sell them separately for folks who would maybe want to try them out or, like me, have smalls and inserts leftover from a previous baby and don’t want to fork over the cash for the entire bundle.

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