While I was flipping through the Land of Nod catalog that knocked on my door, I had a lot of “I can do that!” moments. There are some really great handmade-esque items this year, so it’s definitely an inspiration to those of us who are craftily-inclined.

This is one of those items — a crocheted (they say knit but they’re wrong) tea set. SO CUTE right?? I thought, “I can make that!” and went out and bought cotton yarn in “Anneliese’s colors” — turquoise, yellow, and white.

land of nod crochet tea set

I started with the cups, then the saucers. I don’t think I’m going to add handles, but I would like to make little fabric tea “pillows” to fill the cups with to help them hold their shape a bit more.

crocheted cup and saucercrocheted tea cups

After that, I started on the tea pot. I had thought about writing up the pattern for this set, but I was really winging the whole thing and didn’t feel like making notes the whole time, so sorry… no pattern. But there are lots of crochet tea set patterns for sale on etsy, if you want to make one and aren’t comfortable “winging” it yourself.

crocheting a tea potcrocheted tea pot body

Once the body of the tea pot was finished, I made a spout and a handle and sewed them on. Each of the 3 sections is stuffed with poly-fil. And? The set was finished. In a blog post it seems so quick. It really took about a week of evening crocheting to complete.

finished tea party set crochetedfinished crocheted tea pot

I’m looking forward to tea parties with Anneliese and probably her baby doll and her sleepy sheep. I haven’t really gone through much effort to hide Anneliese’s presents as I have been working on them, mostly because she still really doesn’t “get” the Christmas thing, and to her a new toy is a new toy.

So she has seen this, and has pretended to drink from the cups, and signed “water” to me, sipped, and giggled. I love watching her pretend. It’s so cool to me that she already has a little imagination!

cutest crocheted tea set


crocheted tea cup

The little saucers can be for the cups to rest on, or for little imaginary treats. I might sew up some (grain-free of course) cookies or muffins for her a bit later. Not for Christmas though.

crocheted saucer for tea party

Would you care to join us for a spot of tea?

crocheted tea pot pouring pretend tea

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  1. This is one of the cutest little kids’ tea sets I’ve ever seen! Kudos for figuring out how to make it yourself – my talents don’t extend to pattern making, although I’m pretty mean crocheter. I just discovered your blog through Mark’s Daily Apple. Started eating {Primal 2 1/2 weeks ago and can’t believe how great I feel :) Looking forward to hanging out here.

  2. This is so cute! Way to go. Almost makes me want to learn to crochet. However, I know it would make me mental!

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