A lot of people I know have a pajama tradition for Christmas. Usually it’s a gift that each child can open on Christmas Eve — brand new exciting pajamas! I think most years my mom made my sisters and me matching pajamas, and I think the handmade-ness of it is kind of special. There’s nothing wrong with Old Navy “jingle jammies” at all, but I like the idea of something special no one else has, too.

I didn’t make PJs for Anneliese last year, but this year I repurposed a nightgown of my own that I haven’t been able to wear in a long time, and won’t be able to either (since it’s not breastfeeding friendly). The fabric is so pretty and soft, and I’m glad Anneliese can enjoy it.

I also cut up a camisole I had in the “for use as fabric” pile (I need to come up with a better storage system for upcycle-able stuff like that than a pile), to use for the sleeves and accents.

She is laughing here, I promise. Look at her cute chubby feet!


It’s not a perfect nightgown by any means (other than straight lines I’m kind of a sloppy seamstress), but it fits and it’s cute.


The nightgown I cut up already had the gathers under the bodice, so the new nightgown is nice and full.


And I made it extra-long because of all the growth-spurting Anneliese has been doing. Hopefully it’ll fit for a couple of months.


Anneliese explored the tree and looked at her presents, then went into her room to look at a book and get ready for bed.


The little flower is hand-sewn and hand-stitched onto the front, and the heart is blanket-stitched on by hand also.


A heart for my heart.


Stop and smell the roses.


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  1. These are heartwarming pictures. Christmas is made extra special because of these angels.

  2. What a sweetie and what a sweet nightie!!! You will remember these early Christmas’s with a very special fondness! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This brought tears to my eyes! So precious! No doubt she will cherish that first little gown in the years to come 🙂

  4. She is just so adorable in that little nightgown. I love that first laughing picture! It’s my favorite! 🙂

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