The other day, I had my sitter come so that I could attend a Fleet and Family Support class on home buying. Depending on my husband's next orders, we may or may not be looking for a home to buy.

Anneliese did not want me to leave, so to help her understand the situation, I explained where I was going. It was something like this:

Me: You know how this is our house we live in? We don't own it. We are borrowing it. That's called renting. It is owned by Lincoln Military Housing. But some day we will want to buy our own house that will be ours, not one we are renting. But you can't buy a house in a store. That would be silly. Houses are so big! Buying a house is more complicated and you have to do different things to find one and pay for it. And I'm not sure about exactly how to do all of those things, so I'm going to a class to learn more about how it all works. But the class is only for grown-ups. That's why Miss Haley is coming to play with you while I go to the class.

A: My house is long! (Spreading her arms to show the length of the living room.) I can't pick it up.

Me: Right. That's why we can't buy a house from the store. They're much too big. So I'm going to learn how.

A: okay. Then you will come home.

So Haley came over and I left. After the class, I went grocery shopping. By the time I came home I wasn't even thinking about the class anymore. I was thinking about meal prep (with the groceries I just bought) and seeing my babies.

I walked in and….

A: Mama! Can I please play with it?

Me: Play with what?

A: The new one! Can I play with it? (Holding out her hands to receive something.)

Me: (to Haley) Do you know what she's talking about?

H: (shrugs) No idea.

A: The new one you just bought! The different house! The new one! Can I play with it please???

Me: Ohhhhh, sweet baby! I wasn't buying a house today! I was just learning how so we can soon if we want to. I don't have a new house for you to play with. I'm sorry.

A: (clearly heartbroken)

Me: But… I have nectarines from the store.

A: May I please eat the nectarines?

Me: Sure, sweetheart.


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  1. Well, OBVIOUSLY nectarines make it all better. They do for my husband at least. By the way, I found your blog last night and quickly became addicted. My husband thinks your weaning to egg yolks is genius, and I agree. We want to delay sugar as long as possible, so crap like apple sauce first wasn’t going to cut it.

    • oh i’m so glad you found me too! 🙂 I love your blog’s name too by the way. so funny!
      I love nectarines too … big time.
      I hope you sign up for email updates or follow me on facebook so you can keep connecting! Glad you’re here!

      • I’m following you on FB:). I actually started this blog (I have another one pre-pregnancy) to write letters to our unborn child. Man…pregnancy blogs get mad hits. I think people were sick of reading my blog that was about my cat’s antics and my baking adventures.

  2. That is so cute and precious!!!!

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