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Five years after my first migraine, I found the cure.

This is the story of how I cured my migraines, and kept them away for good.

(And hopefully how you can cure your migraines too. Though I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice. Please make your own decisions.)

I remember the first time I got a migraine.

It wasn’t a headache one, just the visual aura part. I was pregnant with my daughter, my first child, and getting ready to go to my nanny job. My vision was… weird. There were spots around the edges, but it was mostly okay.

But then it wasn’t. The spots closed in, and while I could still sort of see, I couldn’t see in any functional way. I couldn’t read anything, couldn’t exactly tell where items were, and certainly couldn’t drive. I fumbled for my phone and called the nurse’s line.

She told me that sometimes in pregnancy, this happens, and that it would go away in a bit.

Then I called my “mom boss” – the mother I nannied for. I told her I couldn’t drive because I couldn’t see, and she reassured me that she’d be fine without me that day.

It’s scary to lose your vision, even temporarily.

And then, to have it happen again. And again.

Since then, I had visual aural migraines periodically. I was told it was “a hormonal thing.” That it was just part of having had kids.

But that didn’t feel right.

I don’t think it’s ever NORMAL for our bodies to just … not function.

Still, I put up with the visual auras, mainly because I didn’t know what else to do. Thankfully, they were rarely accompanied by a headache, so as far as migraines go, they were tolerable. Though inconvenient.

Until one day, when everything became terrifying.

My family was temporarily living in Pensacola, Florida, while my husband completed some training en route to our new home in Maryland.

I had taken my kids to a book store maybe 20 minutes from the condo where we were staying, to enjoy a story hour. After the story, the kids looked at books, and I chatted with another mom.

While we talked, the spots appeared in my peripheral vision. Annoying, inconvenient, but I was sure they’d go away. They always did. I’d just wait it out before driving back to the condo with the kids.

But then, my left arm tingled, as if it were falling asleep. I rubbed it to wake it up.

It got worse, not better.

The tingling spread. My left leg began to tingle and feel numb, all the way down to my toes. Then, I felt it in my the left side of my bottom. I stood up and walked around, trying to wake up my “sleeping” body parts.

The tingling only got worse.

I went to the restroom, both kids in tow, and when I came out, the left side of my face was tingling too.

Even into the left side of my throat, my tongue, my scalp…until the entire left half of my body felt foreign, numb, asleep, and finally paralyzed.

As things progressed and I became more and more frightened, I had enlisted the help of an employee in the shop. I told her what was going on, and she helped me keep an eye on the kids.

I texted my friend Joni, who is a nurse, and she said I needed to get to the hospital to be sure I wasn’t having a stroke.

So I texted my husband, and told him to meet us at the hospital emergency room.

When I felt safe to drive again, I loaded the kids into the car and went to the ER. My husband arrived once I had been through the intake process, and we waited together. For hours. Finally, I was seen, and told that I had a “complex migraine.”

My potassium level was low, so they gave me oral potassium to take, and then sent me on my way with the unfortunate prognosis of, “now that you’ve had one, you’re likely to have more,” and a referral to a local neurologist, which was unhelpful since we were leaving in a few weeks anyway.

That November was the worst month of my life. Nearly every night, I was awakened by my left half slowly becoming numb, then paralyzed, the worst headaches I’ve ever experienced, and exhaustion, pain, and sickness in the several-days-long recovery from each event. The “migraine hangovers” often ran right into another migraine.

I figured out that what I was experiencing were hemiplegic migraines, and along with the one-side paralysis, I couldn’t speak, write, or type during the peaks, often for up to two hours.

The migraines caused me to need to use the bathroom, but I couldn’t get myself TO the bathroom on my own, and could barely communicate with my husband. Sometimes all I could do was look toward the bathroom and make a guttural sound. My husband figured out what I needed, and would help me to the toilet.

I love life, but for once, I could understand wanting to commit suicide. I would never do it, but I was terrified of dying, and wanting to die all at the same time. If I died, the pain would be gone, the fear would be over.

The reason I’m telling you all of this is because I cannot stand when people try to give migraine advice when all they’ve had is a headache. And often, a regular headache or even a “splitting headache.” I understand that migraines are NOT “just a headache” or even a “really bad headache.” They’re a completely different category.

They’re completely abnormal, often terrifying, painful, lingering neurological events.

Trying everything I could…

I googled everything I could think to search for. I asked people on twitter and facebook for advice. I read research papers and blog posts…

I can’t even remember everything I tried.

My husband made some rice socks for me, because heat felt good on my neck during the hemiplegic episodes – it was one of the only things that helped my anxiety during them. I was taking vitamins, fermented cod liver oil, watching my diet and keeping it clean, visiting a local chiropractor, trying to figure out what could be triggering my new and terrifying hemiplegic migraines.

I read some people’s experiences about the ocean causing migraines for them, and low pressure systems or rain causing them. Well, we were in a condo ON the beach, and it was the rainy season. I have wanted to live on the beach for ages though. I love the beach. I want us to retire to the beach. I didn’t want the beach to cause migraines for me… god, I hoped it wasn’t the beach.

Then there was stress. I felt good in general (well, until the migraines happened), but objectively, we were in a stressful situation. In the middle of a months-long cross-country move, with two small children. There was stress. I wanted to be in our new home, even though the journey was exciting… I wanted to set up our new “home base” and be settled.

I bought new supplements… calcium-magnesium tablets, B6, and CoQ10… I was popping supplements left and right, trying to ward off the migraines. But they kept coming. I was exhausted, and terrified of going to sleep, since the migraines happened at night almost every time.

So I started taking Benadryl to try to help me sleep. Sometimes it felt like it helped, but it was probably mostly useless.

Some relief…

Maybe it was the beach. Or the low pressure weather systems. Or the stress. But when we left Pensacola and traveled north, things got a lot better. I had fewer migraines, and I started being able to sleep again.

But they still came, and I was knocked out for days when the hemiplegic migraines struck. You can read about migraines lasting for 2-3 hours, but really, it can be much longer, and the after-effects stick with you for up to a week or so.

Lying awake, anxious, in bed one night, I came across a TEDx talk by Dr. Terry Wahls, who halted her multiple sclerosis progression with diet.

I was floored… and though I don’t have MS, I thought “brain stuff is brain stuff” and immediately ordered Dr. Wahl’s book, The Wahls Protocol.

I started making smoothies in the mornings to get extra fruits and veggies into my diet – I’ve always eaten plenty of produce, but not nearly to the level required in the Wahls Protocol. I remained cautious of suspected trigger foods, and kept taking the supplements I thought would help.

And things seemed good for a while. I felt pretty normal.

Months went by…

And then I didn’t. Feel normal… anymore.

I wasn’t having full-blown migraine events, most of the time. But for a month or two, I had nearly constant tingling / partly numb sensations and weakness in my left side. It was enough to really frighten me, but not enough to render me incapacitated.

It did cause some major anxiety though, and before I knew it, I could barely sleep at night, worried the attacks would come back. Re-living November in my mind.

I started taking Benadryl again, to help me sleep. I used essential oils to try to relax before bed.

And, finally, I got a referral to a neurologist to do MRIs with and without contrast, to look for tumors and MS. I was so nervous. I wanted an answer, but I didn’t want THAT to be the answer.

The doctors weighed in on my migraines.

The neurologist said my brain was “beautiful.” Nothing wrong. No tumor. No MS. Thank goodness.

But there was still stuff going on… My regular doctor shrugged it off somewhat. He didn’t feel the overwhelming need to get to the bottom of my migraines and their cause the way I did. He just prescribed some drugs, and sent me on my way.

Treximet (sumatriptan/naproxen sodium) for the migraines, and I think Reglan for nausea. And Xanax for the anxiety that wouldn’t let me sleep.

Except… “TREXIMET® is not used to treat other types of headaches such as hemiplegic or basilar migraines.” And hemiplegic is the type I had. So, what was the doctor thinking there??

And Xanax is so easy to become dependent on. Even without  an “addictive personality,” physical dependence happens quickly with Xanax. And I didn’t want to go there. Withdrawal is hell. Read any of the message boards about Benzo withdrawal and you’ll see… it’s not something anyone would ever want to go through.

So I cautiously took the tiny dose of Xanax, only 3 or 4 nights that first week, skipping nights. It was amazing. I fell asleep like nothing had ever been wrong. And getting some rest did help. I could tell the stress had been building and causing my other symptoms to be worse.

A couple of times, the visual aura came back, along with the tingling, and I did take the Treximet as prescribed, but I couldn’t tell if it worked or if the visual aura would have gone away anyway… I still felt the exhaustion after those episodes.

The missing piece

My Migraine Cure: The Missing Piece - How I cured my migraines and kept them away for good.

I wish I could tell you exactly what I had been reading, what pieces fit together and where the big flashing arrow came from… but all signs pointed to …

Magnesium deficiency.

And the fact that calcium-magnesium supplements are kind of dumb, if you have a magnesium deficiency. Because calcium kind of cancels out the magnesium. Yes, they need to be balanced in your body, but if they’re already imbalanced (low magnesium), you probably don’t want to take a balanced supplement.

When I saw my doctor, pre-neurologist, he did a full blood workup, and everything looked normal, except for slightly low potassium, and borderline high calcium. He said “it’s fine.” But calcium and magnesium are like a see-saw… if one is high, the other is probably low.

(And magnesium blood tests are basically useless due to how magnesium is stored and used in the body… maybe 1% of total magnesium is in the blood, so a deficiency wouldn’t show up on a basic blood panel.)

So I decided to try a magnesium supplement again. Not tablets. Something else.

MANY of my Twitter friends came out of the woodwork at that point to tell me that this magnesium drink (the one without calcium added) had helped them SO much with anxiety, migraines, and more.

And the first time I tried it, I shit you not, it felt like the Xanax. My entire body felt relief from my tension, nearly instantly. I took a shower after chugging my 2 teaspoons of magnesium dissolved in water, and the shower felt like heaven. I slept so well…

From then on, I would mix 2 tablespoons of the powder into about a quart of water, and keep it in the fridge to sip throughout the next few days (it would last me 2-3 days). The tingling went away. I started sleeping better again.

It wasn’t perfect, but it was clearly the missing piece. If I ate too much dairy over a couple of days, sometimes the tingling would come back, or I’d get a visual aura, but if I responded quickly by drinking a bunch of the magnesium, I could usually fend off the horrible progression into migraine.

But I needed more.

The thing about oral magnesium supplements though, is that if you take too much of it, you end up with diarrhea. It’s good because you can’t overdose, really, but it’s bad because sometimes you actually do need more than you can absorb through your digestive system.

Amazingly, you can absorb magnesium easily through your skin. You know how athletes are always taking epsom salt baths for sore muscles? Yeah, that’s what’s happening there.

But even better than epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) is magnesium chloride… which is much more easily absorbed through the skin and used in our cells.

I read everything I could find about magnesium. Online stuff, and also the book Transdermal Magnesium Therapy,

And since I’ve already kept you this long, I’ll get to the point, and what I hope will help you the way it’s helped me.

Transdermal magnesium is the shit.

If I do well keeping up with it, I don’t have any migraine symptoms at all. But if I slack on it, and start to get tingly weirdness in my left side or a visual aura or a headache, I can stop it before it advances too far.

How I cured my migraines and kept them away for good.

For maintaining adequate magnesium levels:

Take magnesium baths:

Dissolve in warm bath water:

Soak at least 20 minutes.

Magnesium foot soaks:

Dissolve in warm water:

Soak your feet at least 20 minutes.

Magnesium oil:

Buy magnesium oil, or make your own by dissolving 1/4 cup magnesium chloride flakes into 1/4 cup of hot distilled water (it’s not actually oil but it feels oily). Put into a spray bottle, and spray on the skin (arms and legs are great because they have a lot of surface area for absorption).

Magnesium oil is not my favorite because it feels a bit slimy and can itch, too. If you don’t like the way it feels, leave it on for 20 minutes and then you can wipe off the residue with a wash cloth and/or apply lotion.


Invented by Hemant Trivedi in the Magnesium Advocacy Group on facebook, this is basically about a 1:1 ratio of magnesium chloride flakes and vodka. Although I’ve found the vodka can actually handle more than that amount of magnesium, so I make mine stronger.

You use it exactly the same way as magnesium oil, spraying on arms and legs for maintenance, but it doesn’t have the slimy feel (since the vodka evaporates so quickly), and doesn’t cause most people to itch the way the oil does.

But even better than that, it seems to be absorbed much faster and more completely, so relief can be almost instantaneous. If I start to get a visual aura, I spray mag-a-hol on my neck and rub some into my temples and forehead, and within minutes, the aura is gone.

It’s incredible.

Magnesium is how I cured my migraines, and how I’ve kept them away, and continue to keep them away, for good. 

With magnesium supplementation, I do need to keep an eye on my other electrolytes and make sure I try to keep things in balance… I never supplement calcium since I’m quite sure I get plenty through the food that I eat.

I use these trace mineral drops in my water, about 7 drops in my water bottle each time I fill it up, and I use pink himalayan salt on my food.

If I get any leg cramps at night (I don’t normally, but I did when I was pregnant) despite supplementing with magnesium transdermally, what helped me get rid of them quickly was drinking coconut water (for potassium) and taking a pinch of pink salt under my tongue a few times a day. The next night? No cramps. Magic.

For the record? I think I took the Treximet twice, the Reglan never, and the Xanax fewer than 10 times before finding magnesium and never turning back. I disposed of the drugs properly, and haven’t needed to see another doctor about my migraines for any reason.

Now it’s your turn.

You’ll have to figure out what works for you, to keep things in balance in your body. But hopefully this blog post has given you a good start.

And I hope you’ll let me know if you find yourself, like me, migraine-free and loving life.

Products I use to stay migraine free, mentioned in this post:

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  1. Thank you so much for this! I get the same symptoms you do. I am definitely going to order the calm drink. Question – do you use the one with or without calcium?

    • Hi Nicole. I’m really glad you asked – Absolutely the one WITHOUT calcium.

      Calcium kind of negates the magnesium for me, as far as helping with migraines. I cannot supplement calcium. I still take lots of magnesium every day.

      If I forget for a few days, I often get a reminder with a migraine. 🙁 Thankfully, those reminder-migraines are FAR less severe than the ones I wrote about in this post.

  2. Magnesium taken orally bioavailability is difficult–look it up. You need to buy pharmaceutical grade products for a better chance, some companies only available through an alt. practitioner, but more and more are on the internet. Like this approach much better because I didn’t see any oral magnesium mentioned (?).
    I was prescribed NutraMedix Magnesium Malate (fantastic company). There are many others out there.

    • Yes, a lot of people who desperately need magnesium will reach bowel tolerance before they’re able to get what they need orally. Working from an oral standpoint AND transdermal has been massively effective for me.

  3. I’m so thankful to have found this post. I feel renewed hope! I have been struggling with migraines for 25 years. The last 2 months have been really difficult. Migraines about 4 times per week. I wake up with a migraine every day lately. Sometimes it goes away after doing a bunch of stretches and having breakfast, but other times it stays for 12-15 hours. I have been so discouraged from the ongoing pain. I prayed for God’s help. I found this page. Ordered the magnesium drink and flakes, and they just arrived today! I really, really, hope and pray that this helps me. Thank you for this post!

  4. How I cured my migraines, purely accidental! My doctor told me that EMT’s were giving some heart attack victims large doses of magnesium, that is help them recover much quicker, my doctor was not one to encourage the taking of supplements, which I already knew. So I ask what has that to do with me, and his reply was, magnesium may help with the irregular heart beats, he had never heard are read anything on the subject. I stopped on the way home and purchased a bottle of magnesium, I wanted to waste no time if it will help stopping the banging’n & bumping which included light headiness going on all day, I’d take anything I could get.

    I began taking 400mg two times a day morning and night, and spent the day in the john to boot!
    So, I reduced that 400mg to 250mg 2x a day and have stayed on that for years now. In-fact, I haven’t experienced a full blown crippling migraine in years, but I still have the “C” shape blind spot with flashing light-bars in my vision, that last for about half and hour, but “no pain” that always followed the blinding spot. I have suffered with migraines and the blind spots sense seventh grade.

    The irregular heart beats went form all day hell every day to once to twice a week. Some weeks, not at all.

    Also, during the same time period that I started taking the magnesium I was suffering from sever muscle cramps, especially at night– killer cramps I called’em! Nothing would help that I could find but Highland’s Leg Cramps PM, until about a month ago, they were not a 100%, when I was turned onto coconut oil from a couple different postings I stumble onto on the Internet just as the covin 19 raised it’s ugly head.

    I ordered a large jar of Kirkland Signature Cold Pressed Unrefined Organic Virgin Coconut oil from Amazon. I take a table spoon full before breakfast and a table spoon full at night before bed, the cramps stopped. Then I ran out and I ordered a second jar of Kirkland Signature Cold Pressed Unrefined Organic Virgin Coconut oil. Again, because of covin 19 I had to wait for two weeks to receive my order and in the mean time the cramps started returning little by little, but stopped again after getting started on the new order of coconut oil. I know now for sure it is helping me, the best relief on the cramps I have ever had!

  5. Please for how long do you used the magnesium bath and soaked your feet. That will let you get rid of it for good.

  6. I’m been reading your post with great interest. I suffer from intractable headache and have migraines several times a week for the last few years. I’ve tried many drugs my neurologist has suggested but i’m still in constant pain. I’m really hoping Magnesium helps. I’ve just had my first bath with magnesium flakes. How long before you felt a significant difference? Can i just use the flakes or should i use oil also? I’m so desperate for the pain to go away and to get my life back. Your post gives me hope.

  7. HI Emily, My son started getting migraines with aura when he was in the 6th grade (he’s 16 now). He’s meeting with a neurologist this month, but has been taking magnesium supplements for about a year now. I had been reading online about how they’ve helped people. He always gets them about every 3-4 months apart. The magnesium seems to have cut out the bad headache part of it, but he still gets the aura, and the lingering blurry eyes. I go back and forth wondering if it’s sinus/pressure related, due to our weird weather pattern here in the NW, as he seems to get more symptoms in the fall/winter vs. summer months. Anyway, I’m so glad I stumbled across your site and plan on trying a few of these. The only part I wonder about is does he have to do them daily? As I said, he usually has migraines every 3-4 months, however, the eye issues often linger. I suppose we’ll just have to see what works and adjust accordingly. But for instance, when I mentioned foot soaks to him, he was like, “Ugh! I have to do that every day!” Hoping that won’t be the case. Also, while I know you said you can’t really overdue magnesium, I do worry w/my son getting too much. I have read on other sites that too much can be dangerous, but I’m assuming that’s the supplements. I just don’t know enough about it I guess. But SO glad I found your site!!! So encouraged. Thank you!

  8. Hi Emily,

    My daughter who is turning 14 next months has been suffering from migraines for over a year now. You have no idea how grateful for all this information. It’s been heartbreaking watching my daughter have a migraine attack, losing her vision once. I am losing sleep over it because I’ve been trying to find some relief for her. Reading and researching can be extremely exhausting at times. I will try the things you have mentioned to see if they work for her. I did research on dead sea salt and I am wondering if you have ever used it?

    Thank you for this information. It’s definitely a gem a lot of people should know. Then again, I will sure be sharing this info with anyone going through the same thing.

  9. Hi I have ever been suffering from migraines for a little over a month it has changed my entire life the once carefree Michele feels gone I’m happy that I found this and I’m going to try this i figure can’t hurt to try but I have a question how do you travel with this issue my fiancee and I are about to celebrate our anniversary and he booked a cruise I’m almost to the point of having him cancel as I’m afraid to be on a boat or plane with this horrible condition Ive confined myself to the house any suggestions or should I just have him cancel before its too late

  10. Hi, I’ve been trying everything you listed since I suffer from migraines. I did notice The concentrace mineral oil dose have 72minerals but they seem to be harmful to the body, it contains, lead, aluminum, mercury. Are you aware of this ? ..i must say your methods have helped me, I also became vegan so I know that has helped me out. I will continue to take the magnisum calm I love that. But not sure about the concentrace.

  11. I am a 68 year old female.I have been having migraines since my first one at age 24. We had a live Christmas trees and I had a headache from the fireplace burning the fumes. After that head ache,I had them alot,but never paid attention to the frequency. Fast forward to 2017, my ex-husband was dying and I was upset for my sons having to go thru it. I had daily migraines and can only take relpax about twice a week, so I was living with the headaches. I also have sunlight sensitivity so I am pretty much home bound in the daytime. I found a neurologist who recommended all suppliments! I was amazed. I started taking 400mg of magnesium ( only the magnesium with “ate on the end). 200mg COQ10, 400 mg of riboflavin. It has been a minor miracle. I also take the relpax at 1/2 the dose now (20mg) and it works. They are full pay for me so I buy them from Canada. This is worth trying for anyone who needs it. I was also told to journal and see if I have symptoms 3-5 hours after things occured. This is true of too much outside time, but with a hat on and sunglasses I can now go outside! About 5 hours after I am out in the sun and heat, the headaches start. Stress also triggers them. But my life is better taking these suppliments.

  12. Hello Friend, I to am A Migraine Sufferer, I to am Afraid to have an MRI, I am to the point were I’m depressed and fell hopelessly, I Have to kids that fight and yell 13 hours a day, 7 and 3 year Old. I will try the Magnesium in powder oil orally.

    Thank you in advance

  13. Hello.
    I am asking you to try schuessler salts(mineral salts)they have all the minerals the body course as well magnesium.the amazing thing is that they grind the minerals so fine that it can enter into the put it under your toung-like homeopathy-from there it goes straight into the blood into the cell.some people cant deal with the normal supplements cause the body cant take it.but the mineral salts the body can take easy and there is no danger of taking too much.please for more details look for example for dhu mineral salts(schuessler salts)

  14. A little bit of a background. I’ve had migraines since I was 12 (yay puberty!), and will be 29 this year. I’ve fixed up a lot of my migraines via food, lifestyle, and health choices, but I still get the occasional strong one (with aura, vomiting, lots of pain) and general small background migraines that will last for 5 days (but I can still continue on with my day).

    The Mag-a-hol is a must! I never found much use for the version made with water (besides helping with some muscle stiffness), but made in alcohol it’s a life saver! I decided to randomly make a batch Friday night, and conveniently got a migraine Sunday afternoon (due to insane weather- sunny, thunder, rain, back to being sunny, then raining again). Sprayed the stuff on my neck, back, temples in large quantities. It got rid of my aura within 30 mins (with all of the fun zig zaggy patterns and blindness) and left my eyes feeling not as sore. continued to use the spray at least 3-4 times more and also sprayed it on my scalp wherever the pain was. I kid you not it was going to be a bad migraine, but the mag spray literally cut the pain down by 70-80% I have never had results like that. Yes, some pain was there, yes I did end up throwing up 3 times (I don’t mind that part as it helps me feel better to purge whatever is in my system- it didn’t help that I was in the middle of eating brunch when I got the migraine. Suffice to say I won’t be able to look at eggs for another week!), but at the end of the day, I was able to sleep through parts of the migraine and not have as much pain.

    I’ve made a batch for my brother (also a migraine sufferer), and I’m heading to the store to get that magnesium supplement by Natural Vitality. So happy I found this post! Thank you so much! I’m floored that there’s something out there that will help a weather related migraine.

    • I’m SO happy I was able to help you find some relief. <3 Thank you for your comment and update!


        Just and addendum to my previous comment. After reading your post, I went on
        and order the Natural Vitality Magnesium Calm (a very fast absorbing magnesium powder drink). I thought I’d give it a try, despite magnesium pills not working over the years I’ve tried them. Now, the mag-a-hol spray worked a couple of times, but it didn’t help much with the subsequent Migraines I was having the first 2 weeks in July. I was super let down because it did work a couple of times, which led me to post my first reply.

        Luckily, the Magnesium Calm arrived in the middle of what I call this year’s Hell week, and I decided to take a mega dose (aka 3-5 tbs of the Mag Calm) at the onset of a migraine. I kid you not, it helped take away 90% of the migraine (barely any nausea & no vomiting, aura gone in 15 mins/less sensitive eyes, migraine pain significantly reduced (80-90%), and no pins/needles in my extremities). I’ve been doing this each time I get a migraine since July (4.5 months now), and it’s been very successful for me. My brother, who also suffers from migraines, has found success using the Mag Calm as well!

        The only downside is that the magnesium will give you the runs, especially taking it in a mega dose. Nothing some diarrhea medicine can’t help with post migraine and nothing that will bother you while you are in the middle of a migraine, but be warned that it is a side effect. For me, it’s worth worth it if I can forgo 80-90% of the pain and symptoms.

        At the end of the the day if you couple taking a mega dose of the Mag Calm with spraying the mag-a-hol on the areas you feel pain, it’s a winning combo!

        As an aside, please consult your physician to make sure this is something you can take. The instructions on the box say this product isn’t suitable for people with kidney problems. I am not a doctor, and am only repeating my results and views of how I use this product. Use at your own caution and please consult a physician.

        Emily, I thank God everyday that I stumbled onto your post and decided to give it a go. After suffering for more than half my life, I now at least have something I can reach for when I get a migraine, and have faith that it will be successful.


        Just and addendum to my previous comment. After reading your post, I went on and order the Natural Vitality Magnesium Calm (a very fast absorbing magnesium powder drink). I thought I’d give it a try, despite magnesium pills not working over the years I’ve tried them. Now, the mag-a-hol spray worked a couple of times, but it didn’t help much with the subsequent Migraines I was having the first 2 weeks in July. I was super let down because it did work a couple of times, which led me to post my first reply.

        Luckily, the Magnesium Calm arrived in the middle of what I call this year’s Hell week, and I decided to take a mega dose (aka 3-5 tbs of the Mag Calm) at the onset of a migraine. I kid you not, it helped take away 90% of the migraine (barely any nausea & no vomiting, aura gone in 15 mins/less sensitive eyes, migraine pain significantly reduced (80-90%), and no pins/needles in my extremities). I’ve been doing this each time I get a migraine since July (4.5 months now), and it’s been very successful for me. My brother, who also suffers from migraines, has found success using the Mag Calm as well!

        The only downside is that the magnesium will give you the runs, especially taking it in a mega dose. Nothing some diarrhea medicine can’t help with post migraine and nothing that will bother you while you are in the middle of a migraine, but be warned that it is a side effect. For me, it’s worth it if I can forgo 80-90% of the pain and symptoms.

        At the end of the day if you couple taking a mega dose of the Mag Calm with spraying the mag-a-hol on the areas you feel pain, it’s a winning combo!

        As an aside, please consult your physician to make sure this is something you can take. The instructions on the box say this product isn’t suitable for people with kidney problems. I am not a doctor, and am only repeating my results and views of how I use this product. Use at your own caution and please consult a physician.

        Emily, I thank God every day that I stumbled onto your post and decided to give it a go. After suffering for more than half my life, I now at least have something I can reach for when I get a migraine, and have faith that it will be successful.

  15. Hello! I’ve been in completely agony, having migraines since I was in the fifth grade. I’m currently on day 6 of a migraine cycle and all of my money goes to medical bills and I make quite a good income to say the least. I came across your post and I must say I am excited to try this, considering any time I go for an infusion or go the the ER they give me magnesium. Question: I don’t necessarily get the tingling or aura type migraines that you do, but they are still very much one-sided migraines, no joke about it. Do you think this would still work for my type of migraine?

    • YES, it can absolutely help. It’s helped a lot of people with different kinds of migraines. As you said, when you go to the hospital, they give you magnesium… 80% of migraine sufferers note quick relief with IV magnesium, so why isn’t transdermal magnesium more mainstream for migraine treatment?
      No idea why… but give it a shot!

  16. Emily,

    I just got my Calm Mag powder in the mail made it up. I was so excited to give it a try. Do you think I could add powdered lemonade to flavor it a bit more or another kind of drink flavoring? I’m going to keep using it regardless to see how I do on it. I have been a migraine sufferer for 10 years now. I was looking into surgery before finding your article. I’m so excited to give this all a try. Thanks

    • If you got the unflavored, you can definitely add something. The raspberry lemonade flavor won’t need additional flavor though…. when I got the plain, I just mixed it with a little bit of juice.

  17. Thanks for sharing your story. I haven’t read all the comments yet. I would like to know if you also had migraine triggers such as fragrances and bright lights? Frangraces are my biggest trigger 🙁
    If you had external triggers like what I mentioned or other ones, did they disappear after you incresed magnesium intake?

    • Other than sometimes dairy, I never figured out what my triggers are. Give it a shot, and let me know how it goes!

  18. Hi emily,
    I’ve been studying this blog post ever since I found it a week ago. I’m so excited about it as I am a long time sufferer. I made the Magahol last night, 1/4c mag with 1/4c vodka. It makes me pretty itchy and even a little bit of red spots. Does this mean I shouldn’t use it? Will my body get used to it, since I’ve only done it once or twice on arms & legs? Thanks for this inspiring post!

    • When people itch from topical magnesium, it means that they’re actually really deficient. Keep using it. The itchiness will go away.

      When you apply it and it itches, you can wait 20 minutes for your skin to absorb as much as it can, then wipe it off with a wet cloth or apply lotion to soothe your skin.

      But keep using it, take some epsom salt baths, take some oral magnesium… you’re for sure deficient and need more. It’ll stop itching soon.

  19. Hello! I just found your post and I am so excited to give your methods a try! I have been suffering with migraines since I was 15 years old and they run in my family. My mother had them as well and now at 25 I cannot deal with them any longer. I am getting a migraine EVERYDAY! And because I am a teacher I do not have a moment to relax and calm myself, so I pop an imatrex. I am afraid of the side effects of this drug and putting it into my system daily. I am definitely going to try your method and stop the migraine medication. However, I have a couple questions, I know this post was from a few years ago but I am hoping you can still get back to me!! How much of the “Calm” magnesium oral supplement do you take a day? How many mg is safe to take per day? Can I use the magnesium lotion or oil daily as well? I am confused as to if you can only have a certain dosage a day, then should I not take oral when I am using the lotion? (I just do not want to be in a dangerous situation if I have too much magnesium). Also! How many times do you take a magnesium bath to supplement the oral pills and lotion or oil?
    Thank you so much!! I am going to order the recommended products online!! I am praying this is my answer as well!

    • Hi Kelsey! I really hope this helps you a lot.

      For Calm, you can start with about a teaspoon, and either increase if you tolerate it fine, or back off if you have loose stools… keep increasing until you have loose stools, then reduce the amount a bit. I would sip it throughout the day instead of all at once, also, unless I was using it for acute symptoms (like I started having an aura or something).

      You can use the magnesium oil / lotion / mag-a-hol as much as you want along with the oral. Your body WILL NOT absorb “too much” through your skin – only what it needs. So you can only get a certain amount orally before your body starts dumping it… but often you need more than that, so that’s why combining oral with the transdermal method is so powerful – helps you get what you need without “digestive distress.”

      You can take the baths or foot soaks every day if you’d like. If you’re having daily migraines, I would start with that. Then to maintain, 2-3 times a week is often good.

      • Thanks so much for your help! Magnesium is definitely improving my migraines and I am getting fewer throughout the weeks! However, it seems around night time I am beginning to get the visual aura. I am currently taking 250 mg of magnesium 3x a day, using magnesium lotion 2x a day, and drinking coconut water to help! Do you take more than 750mg a day? I don’t want to overdue it! But it’s helping so much throughout the day but it seems like 5 hours of taking 250mg I am having migraine symptoms. What do you suggest? Do you also supplement potassium?

        Thank you again for writing this blog. You have seriously helped my quality of life and I am feeling so much better with fewer migraines!!!

  20. This was a very interesting read. I’ve had chronic headaches since I was 7, migraines since I was 11 or 12 (I’m 38 now). I always had “regular” migraines, horrible one sided pain that knocks you on your ass. The 2-3 hour suggestion when reading up on migraines is a joke to say the least. I’ve had migraines last six weeks. When I hit my mid 20s I started with the migraines you described…visual disturbance, numbness on the opposite side. SUPER scary. I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone. I recently started taking magnesium myself to see if it helps…it’s only been a day so I can’t say just yet. I looked into the calm stuff you mentioned because I was very excited to try something to potentially help my migraines and my anxiety issues and then I saw the dreaded “stevia” added. Ugh, such a migraine trigger for most people. I will try some of your soaks and see how those work. Thank you for your thoughts and suggestions. As you know, most of us will try anything once! I hope you are continuing down the path of being migraine free!

    • Ooh I didn’t know stevia is a trigger for a lot of people! Thank you for mentioning that. Their flavorless one doesn’t have stevia, and you can mix it with a little bit of juice to mask the flavor (I actually started with that versus the flavored one).

      Still migraine free here! The worst I get is the very beginning of a visual aural migraine now and then, which I can kill quickly with the magahol spray (on my temples, forehead, and back of neck) and/or a good epsom salt soak.

  21. Thank you so much for posting this. I have been suffering from crippling migraines since I was eight years old. My migraines are always weather triggered, and the last two years I have gotten significantly more migraines due to the crazy weather patterns here on the East Coast. My life has been out of control due to the frequency, and its effected every aspect of my life, my job, my relationship, my art, even exercising! I used to love Belly Dancing, but the movements began flaring up tension and migraines every time I tried. I bought a bunch of books on migraines a month ago, and its so hard to the follow the diet. So I googled “how I cured my migraines” and your site came up. I decided what the heck lets try magnesium. So I started taking Calm (while waiting for the magnesium chloride flakes to come in the mail. I felt amazing after just one day of the drink. My inflammation in my neck and shoulders plummeted about 85%. My bursitis (I am only 34) has dropped down about 75%. On clear days my bursitis is barely noticeable. On stormy days I get some tension but no migraines! I have also noticed an increased flexibility in my joints as well. I am going to try the Mag-A-hol and oil today when I get home. I have taken the drink for twelve days now, and I have gotten one headache (from drinking too much alcohol). I have also been avoiding onions, dairy, nuts, caffeine and cut back on alcohol, I notice if I have any of those, my inflammation level start creeping back up. Thank you soooo much again, I feel amazing and alive again!

    • Oh my goodness, Kari! I’m so glad you found my post and that it’s helping you so much!!! “Alive again” is HUGE!

      • Emily,

        Thanks again SOOOO much! And yes “alive again” is huge, and I feel like you saved my life in some ways with this site. 🙂 I started using the Mag-a-hol too, and what a difference! I drink three cups of calm a day and use the spray twice a day. I haven’t had a migraine for close to a month now. Today its 85 degrees, on the East Coast, and usually I’d be dying in a dark room by now. I have been posting a link to your blog, on FB and have been sending a link to everyone I know that has headaches! 🙂

  22. After my mva 15 yrs ago I started having migraines.. The exact same ones you have Now they’re cluster headaches. After mri’s I was diagnosed with MS. Read wahls protocol as well and was told not to take your baths but my hot epsom salt baths really make me feel better.. Now I get why! And I was just told to increase my magnesium cuz my iron is low. Thank you so much for posting this!

  23. Thank you SOOOOO much for writing this blog. For the first time in 3 weeks I have hope. I’ve been confined to my home dealing with daily hemiplegic migraines. I’ve already amazon primed all the items! What Mg of magnesium do you recommend taking daily? do you ease into it? Again, thank you thank you thank you!

  24. I have just found your post on Pinterest. I suffer from chronic daily migraines. Your post gives me hope. I am going on amazon now to buy the products, excited to try them out. Tried so many different things and am losing hope. Fingers crossed they help. Thank you for sharing your post and giving so many people hope!!

  25. For the last month I have had a migraine at least four time a week.It is a blessing finding u on Pinterest. I’ve had the same type migraines as u for over 25 yrs. they slacked off for a few years but last yr there back in vengeance. I started magnesium 400 twice a day with diarrhea. It seemed to help at first. Bought mag oil for my dad’s leg cramps but never new enough about other types of mag to try tell now. In all my yrs of migraines Ive only recently met someone that experience the same type of migraines as us. Thanks for everything and please never take this site down.

    • I really hope these suggestions help you. The hemiplegic migraines are terrible, and I’m sorry you’ve dealt with them for so long! Please let me know how it all goes when you’ve been supplementing with the magnesium for a while!

  26. Wow these are exactly the kind of migraines Ive had since 13 years old and when pregnant of my first child thats when the tingling started because I would get the aura vision vomiting and dizziness. I would always go to the hospital for 3 injeccions and feel better the next day!!! I want to try out these advice because just pills and drugs dont sound right to me!!! God Bless you Im anxious to try this!!!

    • ugh i’m SO sorry you’ve been dealing with these for so long!! It’s definitely not right… please let me know how the Magnesium works for you!

  27. I can’t tell you how thankful I am to find your post! You are an answer to our prayers!

    My sweet little 11 year old boy hasn’t been the same since he had his first hemiplegic migraine a few months ago. He had another episode about a week ago that affected him for more than 2 days. It started with tingling up his entire body and face with weakness, blurry vision amd slurrred speech and then went to a horrible 4 hour long migraine that he said felt like he was being stabbed in the forehead with a knife. It was so bad he threw up twice…it was awful to watch my baby suffer so much and not be able to help! It was really scary also because for over 2 days he still had tingling in his fingers, had lost strength in his hand and had lost his left field of vision and we didn’t know if it would ever come back.

    He now lives in fear that every little sensation is another migraine coming. It breaks my heart and literally makes me sick to my stomach because I am afraid for him too.

    Thankfully I found a Facebook page a few months ago called Magnesium Advocacy Group and have been trying to absorb all the information posted there, but I am so thankful to read your story because one, it is specific to hemiplegic migraines and two, it backs up everything I have been reading on that page. I’ve been just a little reluctant to start some things though because I don’t want to give him too much of something and possibly hurt him or trigger a migraine because he is only 11 years old. However I have been spraying magnesium oil on his feet at night and using Milk of Magnesium in a spray bottle as deodorant for him. I wasn’t sure if I could use Magahol on him because of his age or what supplements are okay because he has MTHFR.

    I am definitely going to print your post though and show it to my son’s neurologist – he is amazing and I think your story could help him with a lot of patients.

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

    Brenda 🙂

    • Brenda, I’m so glad you found my post too. I’m SO sorry your little guy is dealing with hemiplegic migraines, but really glad he has a mother like YOU, who does research and doesn’t just slap some medication (that doesn’t work) into his routine.

      He can absolutely use magahol – the alcohol evaporates, so it’s not like they’re drinking it. And you can do topical magnesium basically as much as you want – his skin will only absorb what it needs, then stop.

      I also have MTHFR mutations (2 mutated A1892C genes), as do my kids. None of this magnesium supplementation has been a problem for any of us.

    • And thank you for sharing with your son’s neurologist! If he’s open-minded, I’m sure he’ll look into it more and end up being able to help tons more migraineurs to get their lives back.

    • What’s the name of the Mag FB group? I’d like to join

  28. This article changed my life. I used to suffer from terrible migraines a few times a month for about 3 or 4 days. Since using the magnesium flakes, oil and lotion I have not had one migraine. When I feel one coming on I soak my feet and start to feel better. I also take the pink Himalayan salt, as well. Thank you for taking the time to write this article!

    • Jenna, you totally made my night with this. YOU are the reason I wrote this. I’m so happy to help.

  29. I suffer with same exact migraines. I get numbness throughout my face and tongue.
    I purchased calm and magnesium oil spray.

    I believe I may need to apply much more.
    I am pregnant with my second child and it’s been great because I haven’t had one since July.

    Do you have other suggestions?
    How long have you been migraine free?

    • The most I ever get now is a little tingle and/or visual aura. Then I load up on magnesium (topical and oral) and it goes away. I haven’t had a really really bad one in at least 2 years. I hope you have the same success!

      • How often did you use the foot soak ?

        • It’s best to use it 3-4 times a week, for prevention. I am lazy with it and tend to forget until I’m feeling off… then I do it every evening for a while.

          • That’s great to know if you do a foot soak can you reuse the water ?

  30. I really love your post!
    I have been struggling with migraine as well and believe you are on to something important that others can benefit from.
    I am having great experiences with using Epsom salt.
    I make a really easy gel that i whisk up with Aloe Vera and Epsom salt, or my favorite: a massage oil with coconut oil
    <3 Zenia

  31. Found you on Pintrist the other day and was very interEstee in the magnesium deficiency and migraine connection. I have had headaches since I was a kid and got my first migraine while pregnant with my second child. I was was very surprised to see that you had pain on your arms too. I have had that problem too and no one has associated the symptom with my migraines before. The light sensitivity has been a big problem for me of late. I have used feverfew and butterburr for years and it kept the headaches at bay until the last year. I am starting with the magnesium spray to start. I was wondering why you use pink salt? I had heard the salt can help with headaches but not a specific type. I have been at wits end lately and am hoping this helps.

    • Sea salt (like the pink salt I use, or grey celtic salt) has minerals in it, not just “pure” salt. They help, just like the trace mineral drops I linked to which I add to my water. If you take magnesium without additional minerals, you can get really out of balance and cause different problems. I really hope this all helps you too, Bertie. Please let me know!

  32. You mentioned low potassium. I’ve had problems with that lately. How is potassium related to migraines? I wake up shaky with a racing heart.
    Suffer from migraines for more than 25 years. Just had one that lasted 6 days. Take Imitrex but find I get rebound headaches.
    I appreciate your article and will look into transdermal magnesium. Thank you!

  33. Did the mg pills not work? I ask because I’ve been taking 600mg of Magnesium for awhile now and haven’t noticed any difference with my migraines so I wonder if the pills aren’t absorbed well.


    • Ones with calcium in them too didn’t do a dang thing for me.

      Magnesium-only pills, have helped me, but I have “digestive tolerance” (aka I can’t use it all and get loose stools) before i get the amount I need. So pills or other oral magnesium work best when combined with transdermal magnesium as well.

  34. I have been following the Magnesium page on FB and have been curious about migraine relief. I am so grateful for this post! Do you use mag a hol just transdermally? I am afraid to ingest it but NEED the migraine prevention. Do you use it daily on your skin? Also has you ever used it when suffering with a migraine…did it cure the migraine? Sorry for all the questions. I now get 15 hour migraines at least 4 days out of the month. I can predict when they will happen…within 3 days of menstruation and with ovulation. I am desperate. Thank you for giving me some hope!~

    • YES only transdermally. It’s not to drink!
      It will absorb through your skin, and yes, you can use it daily. Many people use it 2-3 times a day.
      I use it at the first sign of a migraine, and it often makes those early symptoms disappear in 20 minutes to an hour.
      I’m SO sorry you’re having so much trouble with migraines. I really hope you try transdermal magnesium (you can use oral, to digestive tolerance, at the same time) and that it helps you.

      • Thank You! Interestingly enough i also read how a carrot a day can prevent migraines (helps balance hormones). I’ll be trying that also!!

  35. So happy to find you- I had my first aura at 19 while taking BC pills- so none for me. Didn’t have another one until 8years later when my thyroid died off due to Hashimotos. Then one more at 35 during a cross country move to include numbness and loss of speech… and then I went paleo/crossfit and started having 2-3 a month every month at the age of 37. I am now 38 and had genetic testing done. I have the MTHFR C667 mutation, high genetic disposition to migraine and APOE3/4 risk factors. I had been supplementing magnesium taurate- but added in methyl b vitamins as research shows this helps migraineurs. I recently went 3 months without one on this protocol and then got one after a stressful day traveling. This led me to a different approach to the APOE3/4 diet. Research is showing that migraine may be early cardiovascular or microvascular disease. I had my genome run through a program called nutrahacker and found that the paleo diet is the WORST thing for my genotype. I fall into the 25% that it is no good for. No wonder I gained 20 pounds doing crossfit and paleo- it was the wrong combo for me. I’m sharing this because there may be others like me out there. I’m now oil, dairy and meat free and eating according to Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn’s research as a cardiologist who has reversed vascular disease. I’m approaching my auras as though I have heart and vascular disease. My goal is to go 6 months without one… so far adding in high dose B vitamins prevented one for 3 months… thinking a vegan/veggie whole foods might be my cure. Cannot stress enough epigenetics and eating for your genome. I hope you all heal from this awful disease.

    • Thank you for the tip about nutrahacker and for sharing your experiences! I hope you come back and update me when you’ve tried some more things… so interesting about the dietary factors and such! I think getting enough sleep is also really key.

  36. My eyes and my heart are filled with tears as your story is basically what I am going through at the moment and I can finally see some hope. Last week, I suffered a complex migraine that felt like a stroke (numbing, major speech impairment, lost balance, nausea, but the scariest was lost of memory and cognitive abilities) It pushed me to research all the blogs and articles I could find and try to find an alternative to high dose of Triptan. I have been suffering from complex migraines since the birth of my daughter nearly three years ago but had suffer regular migraines since getting my periods about 15 years ago. That means I have been taking abortive medicine for way too long without being able to successfully prevent the migraines. Not that I haven’t tried anything (avoiding food, more exercise,better sleep schedule, yoga, meditation, medicinal marijuana, supplements) “Au contraire”. I had just never found the missing piece…. I have a appointment with my neurologist next week and will bring up the magnesium deficiency for sure. I just want to say thank you for not only sharing your cure but your story. I feel less lonely and scared.

    • Jenevieve, I’m so glad you found me and were able to read my experience… I know I was doing the same thing as you before, googling, searching for anything to give me hope. I’m sorry you’ve been having this problem for SO long. I know it’s terrifying and isolating, and almost no one can possibly understand. I really really hope you find relief with magnesium therapy like I have. PLEASE come back and let me know how things go for you.

      • Can you buy any of the transdermal magnesium
        Supplements anywhere else besides amazon?
        Are they available in any drugs stores do you know? Thanks so much.

        • I would maybe check whole foods if you have one, but we don’t have one so I’m not sure. Sorry. I live in a small town, so Amazon is my best bet for a lot of things.

  37. Hi,
    Thank you so much for posting this. I’ve suffered from hemiplegic migraines since I was ten but they have gotten much much worse in the last year. I see spots (visual auras) pretty much every day. I took your advice and have started transdermal therapy and started drinking the calm drink. How long did it take for you to start seeing effective results?

    • I felt somewhat better right away, but have to keep up with it to feel totally normal. If I slack, I start feeling a little off/weird or get auras again. Luckily, I haven’t had a full-blown hemiplegic migraine in a LONG time, since I know I can catch it early with ramping up the magnesium at the first signals something is wrong. I hope this helps you too. Please update me!

  38. Hi Emily, stumbled across your page via a Pinterest search, many thanks. I have suffered with migraines for YEARS, intense and horrible, too many trips to hospital to mention. Like Clayton who has left a reply here I am also currently on Topirimate medication to keep them at bay. It has worked for a year or so but the migraines are coming back, rather than increase the dose I have been searching for an alternative. I am thinking magnesium is the answer, I have decided to take it in high strength powder form 400mg daily and slowly phase out the Topirimate over a few weeks. Seriously hoping this is the answer for me, I want well away from pharmaceuticals. Many thanks for your words of wisdom, Bec.

    • I really hope this helps you, Rebecca – please let me know how it goes. You’ll definitely want to use magnesium transdermally as well as orally – there’s only so much you can take by mouth before it just goes through you (which means you’re not absorbing it anymore). Give the baths or magahol a try!

  39. Wow, I have been thinking magnesium is the key to stoppo g these awful migraines. I am heading to Natural Grocers to get the magnesium chloride and himalayan salt now! i am a massage therapist who can’t afford frequent enough massages unfortunately. I believe strongly that massage os extremely helpful in conjunction with diet and exercise. I am tired of maxalt, toradol, zofran, cymbalta and trazadone. Thank you so much!

  40. I just want to thank you for posting this about the Magnesium for the Migraine cure. I suffer from Cluster migraines they only come every other year usually in the spring, for me it is genetic, like my father it has skipped the last 5 years and this year came back worse than ever before.

    Mine are on the right side and only my head, face and neck are affected with the extreme pain, light sensitive aura, and stroke like paralysis. CT scans show nothing wrong with my brain.

    I tried many Triptan type medications and pain killers, mixed with numerous other medications. Right now I am taking Topiramate as well it is used to control seizures in epilepsy patients at high doses and as a mood stabilizer for Bi-polar disorder patients also. It has worked for me for Migraines in the past but now it is not.

    The doctors here had me on so many different drugs they all interacted and caused me to have 2 seizures 2 days apart. i decided to try something natural instead. Since I too had the same Blood test results as you mentioned, only low in potassium. My Pharmacist gave me this website and recipe.

    I have tried the foot soak recipe for the first time yesterday and today the light sensitivity has subsided a considerable amount. It is not completely gone but, yesterday I could not look at the computer long enough to turn it on let alone come out of my “Dark room”. So once again THANK YOU. The world need more people that care and share.

    • Clayton, I’m SO thankful for your pharmacist pointing you here. Your migraines sound a lot like mine, but right side instead of left – MRIs showed nothing wrong with my brain too… I really hope that this is the long-lasting relief you need!

  41. I was born with migraine. My life was a continuous struggle when trying to cope with horrible continuous migraine attacks. Then I took the medicine called Deserril for 6 months .. one pill a day and now, after 35 years, have not had but a couple of stronger headaches afterwards. I do not understand why this medicine is not used for curing other people. My horrible life turned to a beautiful trip without any side effects whatsoever! I was 28 when I took the medicine and I am now 67 years old.

    • I’m so glad it works for you! However, this drug is no longer recommended due to severe side effects (glad you don’t have them), and has been pulled from the market in the USA.

      • Hello Emily,
        Thank you so much for replying me. I have always wondered what kind of side effects Deserril could cause. I just know that to continue living in the sick scenes of migraine hell would have killed me a long time ago. Absolutely too much to bear. I would really like to know if the side effects are worse than that. Have you got any more info of Deserril to give me? I have always praised the doctor who prescribed those pills to me in Italy:)
        I thank you again for your reply. It is funny, but there is so little real info of migraine in spite of it being so common a disease. So many suggestions what not to do in order to avoid the attacks which, at least in my case when I was a small kid would have been in vane, like do not drink etc..
        (please excuse me for any language errors as I come from Finland)
        Kindest regards,

  42. I cannot explain enough how helpful this article has been for me. I never once thought about how a magnesium deficiency could be causing my intense migraines. I read this and felt so relieved that someone out there felt EXACTLY how I feel every time I have a migraine, AKA the worst feeling ever. I know exactly what you mean when you say that you felt like dying… because honestly living like that makes you want to die. Its hard to explain to people who haven’t been through it either. Most of the people that are close to me are frustrated with me because over the course of a year since this started happening to me, it seems that I cannot get better. I often wonder if people think that I am faking an illness for pity. Its unbelievably frustrating. Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing this article. If this works for me, I will personally make it my mission to spread the word and help others who are suffering from this problem. P.S. I hadn’t even heard of a hemiplegic migraine prior to reading this. When I was diagnosed, I was also given the term “complex migraine” and “general anxiety disorder”. My idiot neurologist tried to put me on anti-depressants as she stated they “sometimes helped with migraines”.

    • I really hope the magnesium helps you – please please update and let me know how it goes after you’ve tried it for a while. <3 I definitely know where you're coming from, and I'm sorry you're not getting any empathy from those who are close to you. It's hard for anyone to even imagine how bad it could be if they haven't lived it.

  43. Great article but I am so sorry you had to endure all of that!
    I have a very good friend going through Benzo withdrawal & it is HORRIBLE. Honestly, it’s a bit criminal what happens when doctors so freely & willingly prescribe anti anxiety mess.
    I too suffered for many years, off & on with migraines. I have found the very best magnesium supplement out there, it’s called, Re-Mag by It is hands done the most excellent mag supplement on the market. It is a liquid you mix with water & is absorbed through your tissues before it ever even hits your stomach. Magnesium deficiency is rampant but most are unaware that they are, it is at the foundation of many health issues. I highly recommend this supplement. Hope this helps!

  44. I have had migraines for a very long time. They keep getting worst and worst. Reading this article wowed me. Everything you went thru my going thru. I get so annoyed with myself because now my hands get numb, I arm tingles and I can’t help getting fustrated. I have my 2 kids I have to run after all the time. I just made the magnesium and vodka with my neighbor. I can’t wait to see if it really works. I have an appointment today with my doctor. I really hope this time I get answers.

  45. I found magnesium wonderful for helping with meowing sickness. I have never had issues with migraine or anything but before I got pregnant with baby three I had read about magnesium deficiency and how most people are deficient. So I started to rebuild my stores and this time around I felt great. None of the issues of my previous two pregnancies. So now I make sure that I am always getting enough!

    I am wondering if you are still following the Wahls protocol or not. I am about to embark on it to provide my body some real healing after being so incredibly sick. Dr Wahls story is so amazing, I am really looking forward to reading all of her book (whenever it is delivered).

  46. Wow, great post. I have had a few migraines recently. I wonder if my magnesium levels are low. Saving this for my sister who gets them often. Glad to hear that you have them under control.
    Thanks for sharing at Wake Up Wednesday,

  47. I just wanted to thank you for your migraine suggestions. I have been suffering from migraines for almost 25 years, and they recently became more severe. I have an appointment with a neurologist at the end of the month, but I am definitely going to be purchasing several forms of magnesium before that. Thank you…thank you…thank you!!!

    I also shared your post on my Inspirational Momma facebook page. If this helps just one of my followers, it is worth it!

    • You’re very welcome. I hope it helps you as much as it helped me! And thank you for sharing. Please let me know how it goes.

  48. This is a perfect article to keep for my herbalist recorders! Thank you for sharing your story. I do not know what I would do if I lost my vision, even for a day!


    Ps I found you via Mostly Blogging’s linky party. I will be following you via pinterest!

  49. I will always remember the day my husband called me from work and asked me to come get him. He said he was in a meeting when the speaker’s nose disappeared. He still occasionally has migraines that send him to bed but he’s never had one that bad again.

  50. Bless you for this post. I’ve been slacking on my magnesium consumption, which I know from experience helps my chronic migraines, because I find vitamins hurt my stomach. At one point I was suffering from migraines or migraine hangovers an average of 25 days a month. I’ve been “managing” them as best I can with daily preventatives (propranolol) and triptans when I do get them, but while Relpax is *the only thing* that will take the pain away, the side effects (exhaustion, dry mouth, constant peeing, inability to think or speak clearly) have allowed migraines to continue to negatively impact my life. I’m grateful that after 2 years of chiropractic care, I’ve now been able to mostly manage my migraines for the past six months without my daily preventative (much to my neurologist’s dismay). But I’ve felt off today, in danger of a migraine, with none of my usual tricks helping (feeding the potential migraine caffeine and carbs, stretching, chugging water) & you’ve inspired me to try these methods. I recently moved and only have one Relpax left, and would really love to not need to use one before finding a new neuro.

    Do you do one particular method every day, or switch things up? I’m intrigued by the foot soak and the magahol in particular…

    • I tend to do the foot soak or baths whenever I can… 3-4 times a week would be ideal, but I know I do them less often than that. Magahol fills in the gaps for prevention… spray on arms and legs, and let it soak in.

      But if something feels “acute” like an actual migraine is lurking or on its way, the magahol stops it in its tracks (if I can, I follow up with a bath after using the spray).

      I rarely use the drink anymore, mostly because it’s very sweet for me, but I use it for the kids if they need help sleeping or have any issues with constipation. I should get the plain flavor again… I just added a little bit of juice to the water I dissolved it into to mask the flavor, and that worked fine.

      I hope you get yours under control again… if you have epsom salts on hand, I recommend a bath with them until you can get the magnesium chloride flakes I linked to. It’s not AS good but it’s still good.

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