My little girl has lots of “hair things” and for a while, I just had them in a drawer in her dresser. But that’s not exactly the ideal storage solution… things get buried and you forget they’re there, or you KNOW there is a hair clip to match this outfit, but can’t find it, or headbands get tangled…

Enter: my storage solutions.

The first one is a quick and easy DIY project. Depending on how many hair clips your child has, and how long her name is, you can get wooden letters for her first initial, monogram (what I did), or spell her entire name (which would be crazy with Anneliese!).

I got these white wooden letters at Michael’s, and also picked up some aqua and yellow acrylic craft paint to decorate them with.

You’ll also need lengths of ribbon (I used grosgrain ribbon, and layered a .5” ribbon on top of a 1.5” ribbon, just for some interest.

And for the bottom of each ribbon, you’ll want another wooden shape, to cover the edge, give a “finished” look, and weigh down the ribbon a little bit (which was helpful when my daughter had just a few hair clips).

All you need to do is hot glue your ribbon to the back-center of each letter, and hot glue the smaller wooden shapes to the bottom of each one.

I hung my daughter’s on her sliding closet door with Command Strips, which were easy to install (if you can even call it installation) and won’t damage the door when we need to remove them.


Headbands create a different challenge. I’ve seen headband holders made of oatmeal canisters (which I think is a good idea for headbands with openings, like the harder plasticy ones), clotheslines with each headband pinned on with a clothes pin (cute, but what if you have more than 5 headbands?), and cup hooks usually on the bottom of a frame meant to hold the bows and clips (but you KNOW those little hooks would be overloaded with headbands very shortly).

I’m not sure when this idea popped into my head but I was SO excited about it when it did. This lets me see her headbands so I can find the right one, and I can easily pull it over the others and off the end… and, like the hair clip holder above, it takes up zero surface space on my daughter’s dresser or shelves!

It’s a hand towel rack, which I picked up at Lowe’s. Simple! It’s installed over the dresser, and holds lots of Anneliese’s headbands. There are a few that are wider or bulkier that I’ve put in one of her dresser drawers, but most of them are “out”  now, easily accessed, and pretty to look at!


I hope this post gave you some new ideas or helped you decide what to do with your daughter’s collection (or your own) of “hair pretties.”

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  1. So cute, I love also collecting a colorful head bands for my only pretty well daughter “Alisha”.

  2. I love this! Pinned it and plan to make it. Right now all her hair stuff is in her sock drawer and it’s a mess.

  3. Great ideas!!
    My daughters are just in boxes rummaging through them to find the ones I want is not fun!!

  4. Thanks for posting them Emily. They look awesome. I have been toying around with ideas and I actually thought of the same one for the headbands, but wanted to see what you did first haha. And your colors for the letters is also funny because the girls room is going to be yellow and blue. I think I will pick up a C and P (for each of their names) and paint them and add some ribbon. All our headbands and clips we got from you will look great on them 🙂

  5. I am really into the idea of displaying the things you use on a daily basis. I used to keep everything stored away but lately I’m really inspired by creative ways to showcase makeup, accessories, etc. I love the hair clips especially, how they double as decor.

  6. Oh my gosh! Genius!!! I’ve been having the hardest time figuring out how I want to store baby girls hair clips!!! First we tried cute glass jars (fail) drawer organizers (everything gets all mixed up). My sister had her name done with wooden letters and decorated so cute!! Now I know what to do with them!!! Adding some ribbon today and hanging on her closet!!! Luckily “ELLA” will be a perfect fit!!! Amazing :))

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