You know that friend you can spend all day with and never get exhausted (introverts will know what I mean)? The one you don't worry about putting on a non-banana-smeared shirt for if she's coming over? The one whose house you can stop by without calling first, to drop off something she left at your house, or something from the market you think she'd like?

The friend whose parenting choices line up with yours so much that you never have to defend or justify your decision? But who you can vent with about the frustrations of the choices we have made, without any question of whether the hardships are worth it (as opposed to being encouraged to take an easier path)?

The friend who is just easy to be with, all the time? But who also challenges you to always be a better version of yourself?

The friend you can share long hugs with without it being even a little awkward? Who you can share 100% of a meal with any time, without having to ask about “weird restrictions for your family,” in either direction?

That's Heather.

And if you're a toddler…

You know the friend you think of first thing in the morning, and ask your mother if you can play with? The friend you want to give ALL of your clothes and toys you've outgrown to, because you want to share? The friend whose play dates are often the best part of the day, when recapping at bedtime?

And yes, the friend you can share LONG hugs with, without it even being a little bit awkward? And share all of your snacks with?

That's Bridget.

We are going to miss this sweet family so so much, but it isn't goodbye. It's see you later.

Because when friends become family, there isn't any question.

I love you Heather. And Bridget. And my kids love you both too.


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  1. Such a sweet post! As a fellow military wife, I can TOTALLY relate!!
    You & Heather are wearing amber necklaces that I’m absolutely in love with! Where did you guys get them? I’m searching Etsy as I write this…multi-tasking!! 🙂

    • I think I got mine from Honey Bee Market. 🙂 They’re raw amber necklaces, unpolished lemon I think.

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