This week, my family did some baking, crafting, and reading. It was a wonderfully quiet and calm week - a great rainy chilly week in the desert!

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The weekend is over, and it’s the start of a new week.

This week was really cozy and low-energy… there was lots of rain, and the kids are feeling a bit sniffly, so we just took it easy.

Baking with the kids

We started the week with some baking projects. First, Joey helped me bake a loaf of grain-free bread. He did a fantastic job!

Then, Anneliese wanted to make something sweet. At first she wanted to make a pumpkin pie, but at the last minute, she asked if we could make chocolate rugelach instead.

This is the rugelach cooling so that we could slice it (though someone told me it’s technically too big to be called rugelach, and it has a different name… I forgot the other name though).

Everything was delicious, and the kids are learning confidence in the kitchen!

That night, I made some creamy tomato soup and grilled ham and cheese sandwiches to dip into it. Perfect for a rainy winter evening! Joey was so proud to have HIS bread be such a big part of dinner, and Anneliese was excited to serve her rugelach for dessert.

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Sweet siblings reading together

At one point, the kids were playing, and Anneliese accidentally knocked Joey over. He bumped his lip or bit his tongue or something… and I was so proud of her! She got him an ice pack (well, that sock is full of rice, and we keep it in the freezer, so kind of an ice pack-ish) and tucked him in on the couch, then read him stories. What a SWEET big sister!

Since the kids have been a bit under the weather this weekend, I didn’t have them do book reviews for you for this post, but they really love the Runaway Bunny (which Anneliese is reading, above). This week – I kid you not – Anneliese read The Iliad, and now she’s reading The Odyssey. She’s also skipping around in a book of Anderson’s Fairy Tales.

I finished listening to Happier at Home, and am almost finished re-reading No Bad Kids by Janet Lansbury. I LOVE her respectful approach to teaching children, based on Magda Gerber’s RIE philosophy

I “read” most things via audio-book. I listen on 1.5-2x speed while I’m in the car, taking the kids to and from school and running errands (or sometimes while I do chores at home). It’s an awesome way to read because there’s nothing else you “should be doing instead.” And for some reason, I soak up audio books really well.

(If you want to get 2 free audio books, try out Audible here for free.)

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Cutie baby napping bum

Who doesn’t love a baby sleeping with his bum in the air? Henry usually has a more sprawled-out sleeping style, so this was super cute for me to see, and I wanted to remember how tiny he looks when he’s all curled up like this.

How is my dog suddenly old?

And Zora is just a sweet girl. She has seemed to age a LOT this year, and while she’s perfectly healthy and happy, I’ve suddenly realized… she’s an old dog. Sweet, sweet pup.

Surprise “invitation to play” – craft materials

One day after school, I surprised the big kids by laying out craft materials for them to find on the dining table. They were SO excited, and worked on their crafts from the moment they got home until dinner time!

Just some simple items and a bit of imagination goes a LONG way to keep the kiddies occupied, experimenting, learning, and happy.

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Happy baby snack time

And I know you probably think this is the only outfit Henry owns… I think it’s been in my weekly recaps for the last 3 weeks now. But it’s just my favorite little thing! So I keep putting him in it. I can’t help it!

Henry watched the big kids craft while he ate apples and had some puree from a Squeasy Snacker. Y’all. I’ve tried TONS of refillable food pouches… including the “other” silicone one. And this Squeasy Snacker is hands down the best. I had so many issues with the other silicone one, even though I wanted to love it… and recently found out they’ve barely changed the design since I tried it years ago.

Meanwhile, Squeasy evolved the design and fixed EVERY flaw, annoyance, and complaint I had about the other one. It’s easy to fill, use, and clean (you can even turn it inside out to clean if you want to), does not spill, and Henry can get out every drop of food. The hinged lid doesn’t flop around (the other brand’s is on a string), so it’s easy for Henry to close himself when he’s taking a break. And since the lid is so secure, I feel comfortable throwing it in my purse when we’re going somewhere, knowing it’s not going to spill.

I swear this is totally non-sponsored, but I’m in love with the Squeasy. And if you have ANY use for a silicone food pouch (for baby food, smoothies, yogurt in lunch boxes, even drinks) this is the one you need. They have tiny ones for smaller babies, and huge ones for big kids’ drinks or smoothies.

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LipSense by SeneGence – business launch!

My LipSense order came in the mail, and I was SO excited to organize everything for my launch this weekend!

I’ve been sharing photos and videos over at my Joyful All Day facebook group, and dropping lots of LipSense in the mail (and hand-delivering local orders). Launch has been a blast! Monday is the last day for my launch deals, so if you want to try it out, it’s a great time to do that.

If you missed my raving before, I’ll explain. LipSense is an all-day lip color that ACTUALLY stays on all day. It doesn’t lick off, kiss off, smudge, or fade. It won’t transfer to your babies’ cheeks, your clothes, your straws, or your coffee mugs. I fell absolutely in love with it, and immediately ditched my Revlon ColorStay and Maybelline SuperStay lipsticks. This is a game changer.

But ALSO, the company (which has been around since 1999 – not a new, untested thing) is experiencing MAJOR growth right now, and I wanted to jump in and be a part of that. I personally know people who started 6-7 months ago and already earn a greater monthly than my husband and I do, combined.

So if you’re interested in learning more, want to try the lip color, or want to learn more about the business, please hop over to Joyful All Day on facebook and ask me ANYthing. I’m an open book and happy to share. And, of course, if you join my team, I’ll offer you tons of support and share all of my resources.

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Just some snuggles.

Wrapping up the week with some sniffly people watching football… hopefully next week, the sun will come back out and everyone will feel better. Until then? Not much beats the cuddles!

On the blog this week:

Oops! I’ve been so crazy focused on my LipSense launch that I didn’t post all of the things I wanted to share with you.

BUT! I did get up Tara’s awesome round-up of 52 Meatless Monday meals. If you like to have a break from meat once a week (or more often) either for ethical reasons, frugality, or health (whatever floats your boat!), or just want more vegetarian recipes in general, you’ll DEFINITELY want to check this out. She found some delicious stuff.

Need some meal planning ideas for your meatless Monday dinners? This post has 52 vegetarian recipes - a full year of Meatless Monday menu planning!

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