Part of the reason behind Joyful Abode's name is that no matter where we are, we can make it a happy home. It's an attitude we choose to have, and it's served us well.

So even though we're only here in the TLF (Temporary Living Facility) for a month, we've settled in and made it a home.

We've done crafts and cooking projects, met up with a group of moms for a play date (and will do that again for sure), we've put kids' art on the walls (technically not allowed, but we didn't nail holes or anything), and spend time cuddling, playing, reading, and singing together.


We didn't bring tons and tons of stuff with us, but I did make sure to bring what I would need for lots and lots of real home cooking, and some open-ended toys so that we can all play together and use our imaginations. (I was playing with the kids when we built this house for the wooden birds).

I also brought some craft items for myself, for making embroidery projects for our new home in Maryland. It's a wonderful thing for me to look forward to while we feel a bit like nomads. As I stitch, I can imagine hanging them on the walls of our new home, and when I actually do, I'll be able to remember the lovely times we've had in this temporary home.


The TLF has “temporary” in its name, but every PCS (Permanent Change of Station) is temporary too. So for me, it's just as important to make our current arrangement – whether TLF apartment or PCS house – into a home.

where thou art picture

Where thou art, that is home. ~Emily Dickinson

If you like the quote above, click the picture to go to a PDF download (non-watermarked) that you can print, cut (8×10), and frame for your house.


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