We set out from China Lake after a “home” cooked breakfast of bacon and eggs, and had to make several stops along the way to Barstow for lunch. We were originally going to go to Idle Spurs Steakhouse, which was on season 4 of Man Vs. Food (not that I saw it, but that's cool). But the restaurant wasn't open for lunch that day, so we went to Chipotle instead. I had never been to one before, and thought it was pretty decent!

Joseph slept a lot in the car this leg of the trip, and Anneliese watched some Curious George and Signing Time on the iPad. Not my first choice of activity, but she had such a rough day yesterday that I wanted to make things easier on her … Still, she got very lonely in her car seat and just wanted snuggles and nursing when we stopped. The sweet girl just needs contact. Hand holding, hugs, snuggles. And the long car trips aren't doing that for her, so I'm trying to make up for it when we do stop.

We arrived at the Riverside Resort Hotel & Casino in Laughlin, Nevada for our overnight stay. The room is fine, and the scenery is beautiful, but it's reminding me that casinos are probably the saddest places in the world.

The reason we specifically went to Riverside was to see the classic car collection (in the morning). But seriously. Someone remind me next time I'm thinking of staying in a casino…it just isn't worth it. No one should have to walk through that much smoke and that many sad people to get to their hotel room. You'd think I would have learned my lesson at the first MommyCon Mini (which was at a casino in Las Vegas in January).

I took the kids for a walk along the river while the Guy went out to pick up dinner from Chili's (mmm ribs). After dinner, bedtime was a breeze. They were so tired!

And now that I'm wrapping this up, I'm off to bed too.

Tomorrow should be a lot more exciting than the last couple of days, and I am really looking forward to the things we have planned!

Our trip so far, on the map:


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  1. Yes, I agree. They are very sad.

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