Packing Day was a bit chaotic, and so surreal. The Hanford/Lemoore area has been our home for 4 years, and this house for 3. Both of our kids were born in Lemoore, and Joseph was born in this house. In my bedroom.

You can't just pack that up.

Anneliese had a wonderful play date with Bridget while I waited for the movers to arrive, and the Guy was at a meeting. I disconnected Internet service, finalized mail forwarding, and wrapped up other loose ends. Joseph mostly snuggled with Heather.

Anneliese had a little breakdown the night before, about not wanting another family to live in our house. I explained to her that the house was just the outside part that held our home. We borrowed it, and now someone else is going to have a turn.

But out home is coming with us. That's our family, the memories we have made, the adventures we will have, and yes, our belongings too.

We talked about friends we know who have moved to different houses, some in the same town, some far away. I told her she used to live in a house in Hanford, but that when she was a little baby we decided to move to this house in Lemoore.

I think she understands a bit better now. But it's still hard. I know we will have so many more adventures and make so many new memories though. And we can do that anywhere!


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  1. Time to move once again and back to the East Coast! Good luck on the move, it should be a lot different this time with 2 children. New adventure and experiences, I’m sure you will make it a positive move, because that’s the way you are.

  2. I think that’s going to be the hardest part of my husband re-enlisting. I don’t have a sense of “this house is home and I want to stay here forever”, thanks to growing up in a camper trailer that moved all over the country, but my husband does big time. He’s going to have a rough time leaving our memories behind!

    • Well none of us wanted to stay forever in Lemoore, but it is hard to leave friends for sure, even if you’re “used to it” or okay with the transient life.

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