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Do you ever have a great idea while you’re out and about, swear to yourself you’ll remember it, then do circles around your house later wondering what that great idea was?

Or you exchange phone numbers with a cool mom at the park (scribbled on snack wrappers?) but when you want to meet up with her for a play date the next week, you can’t find that scribbled contact information? Or various other incarnations of this conundrum?

I got tired of it. So now I have a little notepad in my purse at all times, and of course something to write with. I can write down contact information, grocery list items I think of at random times, notes from meetings I attend, great ideas, and other mental mush.

Then when I get home, I can put contacts into my phone or address book, add the grocery items to my actual grocery list, type up or file any notes I want to keep, and add the great ideas to my big to do list. (More on to do lists later.)

You might use the “notes” function in your phone, or have another solution, and that’s fantastic. But if you don’t… find something that works for you today. I got my little notepad from Target for around a dollar I think. It’s not too bulky so I don’t mind it being in my purse all the time.

Chime in

What’s one great idea you thought of at a really random time? Obviously this is one you HAVEN’T forgotten…

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  1. I love the Reminders app on the apple products. I created lists for different stores: Target, Lowes/Home Depot, the grocery store and then I “invited” my husband to join the lists. We can add things from either of our phones, ipad or our laptop. It’s great, because when one of us remembers an item we need, we can add it right away and it is available to be seen immediately, super convenient and we never forget our list!

  2. I use Evernote on my phone but I also put a notepad in my purse. Used the notepad the other day to make a list of errands I needed to do that night. Worked out great, remembered to get everything I needed!

  3. I have a notepad/emergency coloring book stashed in the diaper bag, and I almost always have my journal with me. I’ve come up with really good ideas for jobs my husband and I could look into post-Marine Corps, and sometimes I’ve seen a home improvement type thing that I wanted to remember for the rental house we’re planning on buying!

  4. I’ve gotten very good at using my iPhone for that sort of thing. I take pictures of products that are interesting, the label of pants that fit, decorating ideas or books that I want to read and when I’m scheduling a new appointment I just added to my calendar. iI’s been very efficient. A grocery list app that syncs with DT lets him shop at Costco on his way home. Anything he doesn’t get there I can see to get at Publix. My planner HAS to be paper….but this kind of stuff is all digital.

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