Getting organized is always one of the most popular New Years resolutions every year – not surprisingly.

And you need. To. Do it.

This year.


It’s not just because being organized for organization’s sake is a good thing (It’s not good or bad – it’s morally neutral).

You NEED to stop procrastinating and finally get organized this year. Here’s why.

1: Getting organized will give you (a LOT of) extra time.

Think you don’t have time to get organized now?

How much time do you waste looking for things you know are “around here somewhere”? 20 minutes a day? That’s 122 hours you’ll waste this year because you’re not organized. Because your things don’t have designated homes.

pink watch on a piece of notebook paper
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What could you do in an “extra” 122 hours this year? 122 hours to learn a new skill, to have special family adventures, to read books, to luxuriate in bubble baths… 122 hours for whatever it is that you’ve been missing in your life. Reclaim those hours.

When you get everything in its place, you can get to it when you need to—and get rid of all those little moments where you pause to wonder where something is.

PS In a Boston study, Americans were found to waste 55 minutes a day looking for lost items, not 20 minutes. That’s 335 hours in one year, y’all.

That’s like having a full month with 10 “extra” hours per day.

2: Getting organized will help prevent distraction.

woman with a laptop turning around in her chair to direct her children who are running around.
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Everyone knows that feeling where you get a little bit of work done, then get distracted or “busy” and get nothing else done for the rest of the day—and do it all over again tomorrow. When you get your time organized and get control of schedule, you can have fewer of those days. With some planning and time-management skills, you can be on top of things instead of struggling to get back on track!

3: Getting organized will save you money this year.

Unless you’re just swimming in so much cash you don’t know what to do with yourself, saving money or paying down debt is probably on your mind.

Stop wasting money re-buying things because you can’t find the one you already own. Or replacing things that broke due to improper storage and maintenance.

woman obscuring her face with a fan of paper money.
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Stop spending money on excess take-out dinners (I have nothing against ones that are within your budget – don’t get me wrong) because you can’t get your act together to plan your meals ahead of time.

Don’t find yourself needing to buy extra shirts because you’re behind on laundry – again.

Get organized this year and before long, it’ll be like you gave yourself a raise. You’ll be keeping more of your cash instead of watching it slip through your fingers.

4: Getting organized will help you get better sleep

You might get by without needing 8 hours every day, but you’ve heard it time and again: sleep is important!

When you get organized this year, you’ll start your morning refreshed and have a better chance of getting to bed on time at night. You might even notice what feels like a natural recovery period during the daytime.

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Not only will you be more productive with that extra bit of energy from getting enough rest, but you’ll also find yourself much less stressed out throughout the week.

Suddenly those days off seem perfect for doing twice as much (including play time with family) without feeling any pressure.

5: You’ll be ready to welcome loved ones

Ever get a surprise guest for dinner or an overnight, and get all stressed out because you’re just not ready?

Get organized this year and you’ll have a company-ready home even when you’ve been busy with life stuff. What could be better than having your guest room, kitchen, or living room ready for the people you love most to visit?

two women smile and talk together.
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You’ll have your laundry done and put away, your dishes caught up, and your clutter…gone (declutter, for real!), all while feeling like it’s easy.

Get organized this year and not only will you be better prepared to have people over, but they’ll also feel like they’re not adding to your stress. You’ll really be able to enjoy your time together!

6: You’ll be able to help out more when you’re organized.

When you’re organized, an added bonus is that you’ll have more capacity to help out where you’d like to. Whether that means stepping up for a friend in a crisis situation, or getting on a schedule to volunteer at your favorite cause.

many pairs of hands hold small tree seedlings on a background of grass.
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Getting organized might help you get more done at home of course, but you can also do more for your community if you’d like. Having the freedom to lend a helping hand is such a lovely gift.

7: Get to know your kids and partner better.

If there’s one thing we know about human nature, it’s that when people are disorganized, they get testy! When your family gets organized this year, you’ll be able to get to know the people around you better, even if you’ve lived with them for years.

a father and child stand on a dock and strike a dab pose together.
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All of you will be surprised to find out how much more fun a clean space can be! With fewer things getting in the way, you get to talk more and get to know each other better. Relationship-wise, when you get organized, it’ll really pay off in the long run.

8: Getting organized just feels good.

I know you’ve been stressed. Any sleepless nights? Worry about not being productive enough? Not being able to see your friends as often as you’d like?

Whatever your clutter-disorganization-stress looks like, chances are getting organized will significantly reduce its impact on your life.

a milk and flower filled bathtub, with a woman's hands holding a book
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You will be able to be more productive and reliable. You’ll be on time to meetings, classes, and gatherings. Maybe you’ll even be more responsible with money, so you’ll have more of it for what you really value. And of course, you’ll have more time to take care of yourself, whatever that looks like for you.

Yoga? Coffee with friends? Going for hikes with your family?

When you’re not constantly running a background track of stress-worry-chaos in your life, you’ll feel so amazing.

So what’s next?

Check out my Crucial Strategies for Organizing This Year , then get to it.

You won’t regret making it happen this year.

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