I’ve heard amazing things about the San Antonio Botanical Gardens so I knew it had to be on our San Antonio, TX itinerary. We went on Columbus Day, which happened to be a Little Sprout Monday.

Bring your little one, age 3-5yrs, to the Garden for kid friendly fun! Each Little Sprout Monday includes storytelling, kids’ crafts and hands-on explorations at your child’s pace.
Fee is $15 and includes one adult and two children.

I thought there would be stories about plants, hands-on gardening activities (there’s a children’s vegetable garden), and craft activities about plants. But it wasn’t quite like that. I’m not sure what was planned, but I think the teacher for that Monday was really overwhelmed because it was a holiday and there were far more kids there than he had anticipated.

Anneliese had a lot of fun (they wouldn’t let Joseph participate since he’s under three years old and they were so swamped already) with the skeleton hand craft and the Halloween sun catcher craft.


After crafting time was over, the families all went for a walk through the gardens to see the different scarecrows that were along the path in different areas. There were some really neat ones, a very cool cabin to explore, a pretty pond with ducks, and lots of interesting plants.

Not much was in bloom (it’s October and all) but there were some really neat flowers I had never seen before.


We had planned to have lunch in the cafe at the gardens and then explore some more, but I had a terrible sinus thing going on that day, so after our scarecrow walk we just went back to our apartment. I know we didn’t see it all… but what we did see was really nice. If we lived here, I’d definitely be back, and give Little Sprouts another try on a non-holiday Monday. 

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