I posted this photo on Instagram with the caption “Had to pull over to nurse. Listening to cows. Sitting in my LLL leader’s driveway.”

An IG friend, primalfamily, responded, “So sweet! It’s good to have a life paced by breast feeding.”

How true that is.

(Isn’t he SO BLONDE? I can’t get over the blondeness!)

For the most part, I don’t have to be certain places at certain times. It happens occasionally… an appointment, or a meeting. But mostly I let my kids lead. At this point that mostly means Anneliese’s need for naps (she must be growing or something, because her afternoon naps are crucial to her mood) and Joseph’s nursing “schedule.” (There’s no schedule there.)

I nursed Joseph after our parenting group meeting, but he was crying again wanting to nurse by the time I made it through the Starbucks drive through before heading home. He had seemed to calm down by the time I got through and stopped the car, so I drove to my LLL leader’s house (I was going to get some eggs from her; she has chickens!) and then nursed him, with the side doors and the front door of the van open to the warm air, the breeze floating through.

We listened to the cows lowing across the street, the birds singing, and music softly playing on the radio. It was a lovely moment, and I am glad I had the flexibility to take it.

Plus, who can say no to baby snuggles?

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  1. Such a beautifully worded point. I never thought of breastfeeding like that, but it is so true. I so appreciate all that breastfeeding has given me, it is my favorite thing about being a mom because the time it gives me with my son.

  2. I absolutely love nursing my little ones with the van door(s) open & feeling the breeze softly envelope us. Our own private paradise…. If you can somehow block out the three older chickies screaming in the back… LOL

  3. I love the slower pace of letting them lead. We’re working around nap time mostly now, but soon I’ll be the one pulling over to nurse in the car. 🙂

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