Sometimes, my toddler doesn’t want to take a bath. She LIKES baths, but she knows I’m going to wash her hair, which she isn’t a really big fan of. So sometimes I have to pull out some “tricks” to get her (happily) into the tub.

  • Sometimes it’s bubbles.
  • Or new letters/numbers.
  • A new toy.
  • A promise that I’ll read her a good book while she’s in there.
  • And occasionally, if she’s not too dirty, I tell her she can just have a “play bath” where I won’t wash her hair at all.

So one recent evening, I broke out these glow sticks I had bought at Michael’s a while back. $1 for 15 glow sticks/bracelets! We just kept the bathroom light off, so that she could enjoy them.


I thought they would have looked really cool under some bubbles too, but when I asked Anneliese if she wanted bubbles, she said, “No bubbles. No thank you.” Ok, then.

She loved this bath! She called the glow sticks her “rainbow bracelets” and carefully put them on her wrists and ankles, moving them several times. They even kept glowing long enough for her to enjoy in the bath the next day too.


So, do you have any sure-fire bath incentives?

I’m thinking of making some tub paint, but beyond that I’d love some more ideas! What does your toddler love to do in the tub?

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  1. We have some bath books that I bought on Amazon. I give them to my toddler just before I wash her hair and she’s usually so entranced by “reading” the book to mama that she doesn’t even notice what’s going on.

    I’ve also done balloons and glowsticks. And we have a washable baby doll so sometimes “baby” takes a bath as well. That is always a lot of fun.

    I also allow my toddler to shower with me once a week. We have a huge tiled shower so I hand her a bunch of bath crayons and she goes nuts! It’s a great learning opportunity to demonstrate washing and hygiene.

  2. What an awesome idea! I’ll be keeping this in my toddler arsenal. If you put the glow sticks into the freezer between use, they will last even longer! 😀

  3. I make colored ice cubes for J2 to play with in the tub. He has fun trying to catch them in the water until they melt. haha

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