On the day we moved to Hanford, California, my husband and I stopped by the city office to do something… I guess probably something utilities-related.

We didn't have any kids yet, and although I was pregnant with Anneliese, I didn't know I was at that point. An old man stopped us in the Civic Center Park and started chatting with us. When he found out we were new to the area, he told us in no uncertain terms that we needed to pay a visit to Superior Dairy, the local ice cream shop.

We told him we would. But we didn't. For four years. Four. Years.

Four years, a move to Lemoore (on base), and 2 children.

So before we move across the country, we definitely needed to visit this local landmark. The ice cream is all made on site and the portions are huge. I had a taste of several flavors before settling on their rich, flavorful vanilla for myself, with a side of their famous hot fudge to pour over it.

The chocolate is just as bold, and I recommended it to my husband, who enjoyed his very much.

Can you tell Joseph was exhausted from a play date we had just left? He was ready for bed already!

The kids split a scoop of vanilla with whipped cream on top (I took a couple of pictures of each of them with the entire portion before splitting it between their bowls) and both of them finished their servings like it was their job.

So now our time in Hanford, CA has come full circle. We fulfilled the prophecy from our first day here, and we can say, “Why, yes! We HAVE been to Superior Dairy!”


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