I have these daydreams … I'm working on an embroidery project or doing something with yarn, and my sweet daughter is just as focused on a project of her own, working right along with me, hand sewing or doing something else crafty.
So when I asked her if she'd like to learn how to do embroidery and she said yes, I was so so excited.
I used some shelf liner (the spongey kind with holes) in an embroidery hoop – burlap or other open weave fabric would be fine – along with a yarn needle and some yarn. Right now she's working on several basic skills:
  • Top to bottom vs bottom to top needle “poking”
  • Pulling the yarn/thread all the way through
  • Holding the hoop while she works
  • Using the pointy end of the needle
When she finishes with one color, I ask her what color she would like next. When she decides she's finished with this project, I'll hang it on the wall of course!

The next “phase” will be working on more specific needle control. I'll draw a thick outline of a circle on the fabric, and show her how to make sure the “poking” happens along the circle (anywhere ON the outline, not necessarily ALONG the outline). It'll make a spiderwebby type of thing which will look really cool.

After that, we will work on stitching ALONG a line (running stitch). Maybe that one will just be a few straight lines. Or maybe the letter A (for Anneliese) if she wants.

Of course, she's still 2 (almost 3 though!). So the next “phases” might not happen for a while. It depends on how into the embroidery she is.

But from the way she was dancing around today singing, “Pupple em-boy-dee! Pupple em-boy-dee!” I have hope that someday my daydreams of crafting together will come true.

What sorts of craft skills are you teaching your little ones? What types of crafts do your kids like best?


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  1. This is great ! When I was a child (long ago) we actually had shoe laces and cardboard with holes punched into them as our first embroidery projects. The shoe laces provided a sturdy end to the string in which to thread through the holes in the cardboard. You are so creative using the shelf liner.I may try this with my Grand kids. I love that you will hang the project on the wall for all to admire. Thank you for the share.

  2. Oh goodness this is precious! I wish I would have thought to teach my kids this when they were younger. I actually taught my kids recently how to stitch their jeans.

  3. You are so awesome! I have those daydreams too, as I remember working on projects (crocheting mostly) with my mother, together in the living room.

    Also, counting down until the stupid people start the “OMG you let her use a real needle” comments. 😉

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