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The Best Glass Food Storage Containers that changed my (kitchen) life.The best glass food storage containers that changed my (kitchen) life

When we switched from plastic to glass storage containers, I thought the world would light up with banners and lights, declaring, “Welcome to kitchen bliss!” Nope.

My round pyrex containers were nice enough, and I felt better about reheating food in them, but that was where our love affair ended.

They weren’t good stackers when empty – the stack was really high because they hardly nestled into each other, so they took up a LOT of space.

When full, they were an inefficient use of space in my fridge because of the round shape. I couldn’t put them close to each other without wasting precious cubic inches.

And the lids worked well at first, but then began to warp and fit a little more loosely, and I was worried they’d leak when I packed something like soup for my husband to take for lunch in his lunch box. (He has no interest in a thermos. I asked)

So after a lot of research (asking friends, mostly, on Facebook and Twitter), I found the best glass food storage containers!

They’re Pyrex Snapware. And I made a point to only buy the square and rectangular ones.

1. They’re still oven, microwave, and freezer safe (for heating, remove the lids).

2. The tops fit much more tightly, forever. I’ve had them for ages and have experienced NO warping.

3. They’re all rectangles and squares, so they work together in my fridge to use all available space. (The ONLY complaint I have about them at all is that the 2 cup container doesn’t fit well on top of the 4 cup container’s lid.)

4. They nestle into each other MUCH more compactly for storage when they’re empty. Of course, not as compactly as thin plastic, but WAY better than the other glass containers we had previously.

How did the best glass food storage containers change my (kitchen) life?

I NEVER did the amount of food prep I do now, before I had these. I think part of why I do so much more preparation each week is because I love the containers. They fit together so nicely and line up in my fridge in such a beautiful way that it’s really inspiring to fill them with washed and cut fruits and veggies at the beginning of every week.

As a result of having so much prepared ahead of time, It’s easier for me to cook, make raw “tasting plates”, assemble salads, and pack lunches throughout the week. It’s so much easier to eat healthfully when you prepare your produce ahead of time.

Because they stack within each other so nicely when empty, I was able to buy more of them to store in the same amount of space. This means I have enough that I almost never run out of them, even after a heavy food-prep day.

And because they fit so nicely beside each other in the fridge, things don’t get shoved to the back and wasted. With the round glass food storage containers I had before, I often forgot about things that were “hiding” behind other things, until the contents were slimy and sad. Horrible! So much less food waste with the new containers.

I know it sounds like a tall order for some glass food storage containers – changing my (kitchen) life! But it’s true. They really did. I LOVE my Pyrex Snapware and recommend them to people every chance I get.


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  1. I have the same lunch boxes for my kids. Do you prep more than one day ahead or do you use so many in one day?

    • When I can and have space in my fridge, I do 3 days ahead for my kids. (2 kids packing lunches at school.)

  2. hi! I have a set of these snapware container, but I am having the hardest time figuring out how to store the lids with their floppy “wings” How do you store yours? I was searching for a solution and came across this post 😉

    • I kind of stack mine, but standing up on their edges, in a plastic storage basket. So I can pull out whatever size I need since they’re vertical, but they don’t take up much space all together.

  3. Hi Emily,

    Is that a tea towel at the bottom of your fruit/veg crisper? And what are those pouches on the 2nd shelf next to your bento boxes?

    I saw a pic of your cutlery drawer too with some dividers. They’re cool!


    • Oops spice drawer not cutlery drawer

    • yes, there’s a towel in that drawer, mainly so that when i drop apples into the bin they don’t get bruised. haha. and the “pouches” aren’t pouches – they’re string cheese!

  4. I was just telling my husband how I wanted to switch over to glass…glad I read this first!!!

  5. Yes, I so love the rectangular Pyrex storage containers for all the reasons you gave. It does simplify one’s life to be able to efficiently use limited refrigerator and freezer space.

  6. awesome! I’ve been looking for good glass storage so this is awesome – thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. We switched from plastic to glass a few years go and I love it too! Thanks for sharing with us at The DIY Collective Link Party, hope you come back again next week! xo!

  8. Thanks for sharing this on artsy fartsy linky party! I will implent some of these containers in my home!!

  9. I have total fridge envy – yours is so clean and organized! What are those colorful plastic boxes in the middle? I am going to replace our plastic… This seems like a much better system,

    • They’re yumbox lunch boxes. 🙂 They’re bento boxes – BPA free plastic, with an inner divided piece and an outer shell. they’re GREAT.

  10. I’ve been trying to use glass containers more. Thanks for the tip..I’ll be on the lookout for these now!

  11. You are so right. I bought them by accident one day. I knew I wanted glass containers and the brand I was looking for was not to be seen. I lovvvvve the pyrex ones. Fabulous job! I would love for you to share this at our What’s it Wednesday Linky Party! Fantastic way to start the year with inspiration.


  12. Those look fabulous. I really want some glass ones because the plastic looks terrible.

  13. I have been thinking I need to get away from using so much plastic, I’ll have to remember to get these when I switch!

  14. I like my square and rectangle glass storage though I have not used the snapware. I am slowly replacing all the plastic.

  15. This is good to know. I am not happy with our variety of mismatched containers. I am going to look into these. My husband loves to take glass to work for lunch too. Most of them include a tin foil lid. This is not ideal in the car. Thanks so much!

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