I think this is the last “make and freeze” recipe I had saved up from when I was pregnant. We got a huge bag of potatoes and I did various things with them, so they’d be available for quick meals, sides, or snacks when I was going to be occupied with a newborn and too busy to think about cooking much.

They were delicious.


First, I washed and baked all the potatoes. Poke holes in them so they won’t explode, and bake at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for about 40-60 minutes depending on how big the potatoes are.

Then I let them cool for a while so they were cool enough to hold. I cut each in half and scooped out the innards into a pot, using a soup spoon and being careful not to break the skin.

I dumped some things into the potato guts to make them taste amazing (and to make them have more worthwhile ingredients/foods in them) — chicken stock, butter, cheddar cheese, onion powder, garlic salt. Basically you can add whatever you feel like. Stir it really well!

Then, I filled the bigger potato skins with the potato mixture (overfilling them) and topped with crumbled bacon, gently pressing the bacon into the top a little so it wouldn’t fall off.

With the smaller skins, I  put some cheddar cheese in each one, and topped with bacon. So that the bacon wouldn’t fall off when I froze them, I broiled these for a couple minutes just to melt the cheese.

If you want to freeze these, put them all on a cookie sheet and freeze unwrapped so they will be like little blocks of ice that will hold their shape instead of squishing… then once they’re frozen solid, vacuum-seal them in serving-size packages. I put 2 twice baked potatoes in some packages, and packed some by themselves. I did the same with the skins — some packages of 4, some of 8. That way, if my husband and I were eating together, we could take out a bigger package, but while he was away I didn’t have to thaw so much.


To reheat — just warm up your oven (350ish is good), pop these suckers on a foil-lined cookie sheet (unwrapped of course, no plastic) and heat through. The twice baked potatoes take about 30-40 minutes from a frozen state, and the skins only take 15-20 minutes.

These would be great to make in batches and have on hand any time, not just for postpartum. They make a great addition to meals, or serve as an easy snack.

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  1. How long can you keep in freezer in zip lock.

  2. The potatoes sound great I can’t wait to try them!I would have never thought of freezing them alone first,kind of like freezing blueberries on a cookie sheet!

    • no, the potato skins don’t have any “mashed potato” filling… just cheese and bacon. They’re like the potato skins you might get in a restaurant as an appetizer.

      The 2x baked potatoes are overfilled with the mashed potato-y innards.

  3. Oh we do this too!! I usually just freeze the shell and than add the rest later, but this looks like a good idea.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. What if you don’t have a vacuum sealer? Could you store them in ziploc freezer bags or glass jars/pyrex containers? I love this idea! Thanks!!

    • yup! you would still want to freeze them on a cookie sheet or tray first, so they don’t get squished when you put them in the bags though.

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