So it’s not exactly AFTER… there are still some things I want to do to it, and I didn’t “stage” the room for photos so… yeah. But I figure it might be a while before it’s actually at AFTER and this is close enough for sharing!

Orange rug: Love it. I debated over whether or not to do the rug-on-a-carpet thing, but decided it would add such impact to the room and define the space well that it was necessary. And once I discovered this rug-to-carpet tape and its awesome reviews, there was no question. Yes, the tape works. No curling corners, sliding rug even when vacuuming, or wrinkles when we slide the coffee table around… it rocks. I can’t believe I didn’t know about this tape sooner. It would’ve REALLY helped our rug-on-carpet situation in Mississippi. (The corners curled, tripped us, we got wrinkles in the rug sometimes, had to adjust the positioning at least a couple times a week, etc.)

Orange curtains: In case you didn’t know, if you buy curtains at IKEA you have to hem them yourself. haha. I had no clue! It’s nice though because they’re longer than other inexpensive curtains that are “ready made,” but it did take me a couple weeks before I got around to sewing them.

Orange pillows: Ikea inserts, Ikea fabric. I made the cases in the same manner as the dog bed cover. Except that instead of tri-folding the fabric, I actually cut 3 separate pieces (one for the front, and 2 to overlap for the back) because I didn’t want the design to be upside-down on the back!


The yellow baskets under the coffee table are from World Market. Gosh I love that place! I’m planning on bringing in some more yellow by spray-painting the little lamp, and making 2 more throw pillows once I find a fabric I like. I think I want something with a medium-sized yellow-and-white geometric print.

The orange picture on the wall was my Large-Scale Custom Art on a Budget… and the throw blankets were also a simple project — throw blankets from a bedspread.


Zora was posing so nicely I have to include her in the room tour.


She got a little impatient with my picture-taking though.


She thinks I’m boring, obviously.


Oh, and here’s the other side. I have ideas for things I COULD do to make the room more “finished,” but won’t do because we won’t be in this house for a whole lot longer and I don’t want to invest in decor specific to a certain space at this point… but the idea involves big natural-textured urn/vase things with interesting curly sticks and/or feathers or something… and a set of small mirrors for a wall grouping. Maybe in the next house… not here though.


In case you are wondering about other furniture…

The couch and loveseat are from Macy’s but they’re discontinued. Lucky us, we got an awesome deal.

The coffee table is an Ashley furniture thing — also discontinued. Also an awesome deal.

Pretty sure the TV console is also an Ashley furniture thing.

The “cubby shelves” are from Big Lots believe it or not. They look really nice, but up close you can tell they’re cheap. We’ll replace them someday but for now love them.

The other little shelf is a crappy Target $20 type thing. It’s temporary.

The other throw pillows (the ones I didn’t make) were from Urban Outfitters, but were a limited time thing. I LOVE Matte Stephens’s art though, and you can see a bunch more of it at his etsy shop.

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  1. Hi- just found your site from Food Inc. I like it and I am especially glad I read this because I have the same (insert lots of cussing here)problem with my rug on the living room floor. I am off to buy carpet tape. Thanks!!

  2. I made the orange pillow covers out of fabric from Ikea. Super easy!

  3. I love the orange colors. I wish I had thought to do accent colors, instead I painted the walls green – and put bland furniture around. Now I'm trying to change that by adding patterned chairs around and colorful vases and throw pillows 🙂

  4. Oh My your living room looks like something out of a high end fashion magazine for decoring your house! It looks awsome, the colors are beauiful and the room has a unisex look to it. Your dog she is so cute and seems real relax and loved I know she is with her sweet self……..I must get me a puppy!

  5. Love the orange! What part of the country are you off to after you leave the Golden State?

  6. it looks amazing. its perfect and i love it. husband refuses to get on board with orange even though we have a color scheme similar to yours. it would look great. so far I have worked in robin's egg blue. orange is next though

  7. Love it!!! We have an orange couch in our living room and it's so difficult to add other colors to it without overwhelming it. I love the general neutral tone of your living room with the splashes of color. May I ask where you bought those orange cushion covers, they look beautiful.

  8. It looks great! Love the colors and art. I hope one day my living room will be 'done' so I can decorate it as well. Right now its a Merlot color, so pretty. I also have a Salvador Dali framed on the wall. I love his art. We are currently looking for a sectional couch, but money is tight (isnt it for everyone now??). Thanks for sharing, gives me lots of cute ideas! Just wish I knew how to sew….

  9. Love it! We just did our family room this past weekend and need to finish some decorative touches. Similar concept, clean lines, grey tones. Love ikea 🙂

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